Haunted India

1. Grand Paradi Towers

Arguably the most famous haunted house in Mumbai is situated in one of the city’s most affluent areas. On the eighth floor of the Grand Paradi (sometimes referred to as the Grand Parrari) Towers in Kemps Corner a series of freakish suicides drew attention to what appeared to be a gruesome pattern of deaths and accidents in the building. In 2004 an elderly couple jumped out of the window of this apartment. Their children and their grandchild followed suit within the year. Residents who have lived in the building for 30 years tell us, “There was something unacceptable to our rational minds that a whole family, three generations, living in one house should commit suicide in the same way. There have been up to 20 cases of fatal accidents and suicides since the building was constructed in 1976. Many involving children and even a maid who either jumped or fell out of a window.”
After the series of unfortunate events the building society began to believe that paranormal forces were at work. “After the suicides of the family the building society decided to do a puja and a havan and since then everything has stopped but the flat remains unoccupied”.
Lists of suicide cases in the Grand Paradi towers:
» June 14, 1998: Senior citizens Vasudeo and Tara Dalal jumped of the balcony of their eighth floor apartment flowing harassment from their son Balkrishna (48) and daughter-in-law Sonal (45).
» March 28, 2005: Fearing conviction for the suicides of Vasudeo and Tara, Balkrishna and Sonal jumped off the balcony with their 19-year-old daughter Pooja on the day of the verdict.
» April 26, 2001: Narayan Ramchander (36), a domestic servant in the building, threatened to jump off the parapet of the 19th floor apartment in a 10-hour suicide drama after he was accused of stealing by his employers.
» Mr Jain, an employee with a brewery company, in his early forties committed suicide, sometime in 2000.

2. Bhangarh Palace Alwar, Rajasthan

Rajasthan - Alwar / Bhangarh-Ajabgarh - Bhangarh ruins - Bhangarh is a place on way from Jaipur to Alwar city in Rajasthan state of India. Today Bhangarh is known for it's ruins where nobody dares to stay after sunset. Going to history we find that this town was established by Madho Singh, younger brother of King Akbar’s General Man Singh, in 1631. But the city seems to have been abandoned in a hurry some centuries later. As per local folks, due to some curse the whole town was vacated overnight. According to this curse It was also said that if the town was ever rediscovered, the township would not be found, but only temples would show up. True to the story, only temples dot the landscape and even far up on the mountains only shrines can be seen. People say that nobody returned from there who stayed there after dark. The biggest thing is that as per Govt. of India rules there has to be an office of Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) beside every historical structure in India. But even Government authorities couldn’t dare to open an office there and they opened their office about one kilometer away from the ruins of Bhangarh. Also ASI has put a signboard at Bhangarh saying, "Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area." People who visit this place out of tourist interest say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes sort of anxiety and restlessness.

3. SNDT, Girls College, Mumbai

In the backyard of SNDT, Girls College, Juhu are a few dilapidated structures, once used as staff toilets by the gardeners and other menial staff workers. Residents of the neighbouring building swear that post 1.30 am, sounds of a teacher thrashing her students can be heard clearly.
"First the lessons start, and the teacher can be heard reciting mathematical tables, invariably followed by thrashing sounds and the wails of children. It's been practically heard by everyone in our building and goes on till the wee hours of the morning," alleged Riyaz Ansari, a local resident.
"Once, out of curiosity, we formed a group of 10 boys to investigate the phenomena, but found only an eerie emptiness. By the time we reached back home, the cries from the structure had restarted and no one has ever dared to venture out there again," added Riyaz.

4. Trident Towers

You can’t get to the 13th floor of the Trident Hotel at Nariman Point because there isn’t one. In fact, it is not uncommon for skyscrapers in Mumbai’s commercial district to exclude “13” when numbering their floors. However, urban legends and local superstitions in Mumbai go beyond mere triskaidekaphobia. Stories of ghosts, unexplained serial suicides, abandoned mills, haunted houses and territorial widows in white saris determined to make people’s lives miserable from the afterlife populate a large unofficial body of local folklore.
Despite the catalogue of gruesome urban legends, Mumbai is a city with its head on its shoulders; a city with too much grit to capitulate to ghost stories. No one will ever stop driving down the winding road from the Tower of Silence that offers one of the best views of the city and the price of an apartment will surely frighten a Mumbaiker before any old story about spiteful spirits.

5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Located on the northern fringes of Mumbai, this large protected area is usually a place people go to spot wildlife. There are rumors however, that at night, people have sightings of a phantom hitchhiker that asks those who pass by for rides. Dubious as this sounds, forest guards insist it’s true.

6. Mukesh Mills

Shut down in 1980, this enormous abandoned mill in Colaba has been the shooting grounds for numerous films and advertisements. Deserted and rundown, Mukesh Mills is a ready-made set for horror films and Gothic shows, especially considering the Mills are actually considered to be haunted. Many directors, actors and producers refuse to work here past sunset. One television actress claimed to have had a particularly bad experience where one of her female co-stars suddenly began speaking in a manly voice, as if she were possessed, telling the crew to leave the premises immediately. Others say the place is jinxed and people are always losing their belongings, wallets and phones.

7. Aarey Milk Colony

Established in 1949, Aarey Milk Colony is a vast area in Goregaon East with long stretches of gardens, nurseries and lakes. Picnickers frequent this milking estate on the weekend along with members of the film and ad industry who use it as a location for shoots.
Aarey Milk Colony is famous for its visits from various apparitions. Just as with Mukesh Mills, many in the film industry get the spooks here and refuse to work in the place after dark.

8. Tower of Silence

Sounds ominous doesn’t it? The Tower of Silence is actually a Parsi cemetery situated rather picturesquely on Malabar Hill in South Mumbai. Custom dictates that Parsis leave the bodies of their dead for vultures to feed on. The graphic images that come to mind lend themselves to all sorts of horrifying stories. The winding road that leads down the hill is particularly desolate and eerie at night and the place has become recognized as a kind of ghoulish hangout. The weird happenings at the Grand Parrari Towers for instance, were blamed on spectral forces emanating from this cemetery.

The Paliwal Brahmins who inhabited Kuldhara and 83 villages around it are said to have vanished overnight in 1825. There are several explanations for the disappearance, the most popular one being that an evil king had been molesting little girls, drawing a curse on the area. The residents fled, leaving behind their belongings. A visit to the village is an insight into life in the early 1800s. There are ruined homes, carts, utensils and beds. Balls reportedly bounce around of their own accord, stones whiz through mid-air and mysterious voices are heard. The IPS has recorded sudden dips in temperature and unexplained fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, evidence of an otherworldly presence, they say. It is said that no new structure can be built here without it bursting into flames. Location: Kuldhara is on the western outskirts of Jaisalmer. (Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; entry ₹10.)

Textbooks have plenty to say about this imposing 13th century structure and how it shaped the history of South India. A visit to this ancient city is a history lesson in itself. It has seen the rise and decline of various dynasties and was the original home of the famous Koh-i-noor diamond. But history books don’t talk about the spirits of thieves that are said to live in the trees, the baffling shadows seen gliding around, and the sounds of people crying out in pain. The spirit of Taramati, a courtesan turned queen, is often spotted here. Visitors aren’t allowed to linger after dark. But since it’s a popular film location, movie crews are often here past the deadline and see much more than they’d like.
Location: About 13 km from Hyderabad city centre. (Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; entry ₹30.)

Built in Mussoorie in 1902, The Savoy was amongst the grandest hotels of its time and the guestbook read like a social register. But in 1910, a guest named Lady Garnet Orme was found dead in her room. Strychnine had been slipped into her medicine bottle. Agatha Christie found this to be the perfect setting for a mystery story and based her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, on Lady Orme’s death. The perpetrator was never found and the ghost of Lady Orme is said to still roam the halls of the hotel. Guests have reported hearing flushes going off, seeing the floating silhouette of a lady, and doors opening mysteriously. The IPS has recorded the sound of a woman whispering and singing softly. Perfect for guests who need a lullaby at bedtime.
Location: The Savoy is in Mussoorie. (0135-2632010.)

The Meerut Army Cantonment was the site of the Mangal Pandey uprising in 1857. The British cracked down on Indian revolutionaries and crushed rebellion. Over 150 soldiers were killed here. This is where history leaves off and legend begins. It is believed that the spirits of the soldiers who died here still wander the abandoned cantonment, although their activities are less regimented nowadays. Visitors have reported seeing headless apparitions, spooky shadows, hearing mysterious sounds of dripping water and sensing a supernatural presence. Gaurav Tiwari of the IPS spent a night here and says that the presence does things like running around in circles and making animal-like sounds.
Location: Meerut is 70 km northeast of Delhi. (Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; entry free.)

The Jamali Kamali mosque and tomb are a part of the Mehrauli Archaeological Complex. Jamali and Kamali were Sufi saints who preached here and were buried in the tomb when they died, around 1528. The tomb and mosque are now said to be home to jinns, but not the benevolent, wish-granting sort. Some visitors say they have heard the inexplicable sound of animals growling, others report being chased (and even slapped), and some claim that they have had recurring nightmares after their visits.
Location: Mehrauli is in South Delhi. (Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; entry free.)

Bangalore - any place that has been known for any appearance of any kind of spirits or any kind of abnormal activities which is believed to be ghosts/spirits

Devanahalli, Bangalore : I can't really say how far this is true, but rumor mills are abuzz about a ghost of a lady who prefers the Devanahalli Airport. Various pilots have spotted a lady in the middle of the runway taking a stroll around the cargo area or the airport lift operating on its own. Even the Taxi drivers are not spared who had found a ghost occupying the seat during the middle of the night.

Bombay – Bombay Supreme Court - for over 30 years whenever a murder trial is conducted here a vengeful bilingual ghost makes itself known by cursing and terrorizing anyone brave (or foolish) enough to enter.

Delhi – Delhi cant. -Most of the times, people see a lady standing in white dress asking for lift. if you go thru she will run as fast as the car runs & people reported her sitting there.
New Delhi – Sanjay Van (near Qutab Institutional Area) – Sanjay Van is a huge forest area spread over around 10 kms. There is a cremation ground also there, many people have reported having seen a lady dressed in a white saree appearing and disappearing suddenly.

Gujarat – Surat – Dumas - If you walk towards the ocean at night in Dumas then u will hear noises that will tell you go home don’t go forward and all scary things happen. Dogs will even start chasing you sometimes but they say that the dogs run because they are trying to get away from that place as well. This all happens because Hindus burn their bodies after they die over there and the ghosts in there body stay in the air.

Hyderabad – Ramoji Film City - It is a big film city in Hyderabad,(like universal studios) the hotels in Ramoji film city are haunted. They say that the film city is built on war grounds of the Nizam sultans. Witnesses report the lights kept on top keep falling off, the light men- who sit with the lights on top have been pushed so many times and many have had grievous injuries. The food left in rooms also gets scattered around the room and strange marks are left on the mirror, some script…. resembling Urdu…the language spoken by the sultans. Girls are the ghosts’ favorite to haunt. They trouble the girls so much, they tear their clothes, knock on the bathroom doors while the outside doors are locked. They create havoc. Many preventive measures have been taken to prevent hauntings……but of no use…they keep coming back after sometime.Someone buying entry tickets to the place would never be able to guess the extent of paranormal activity reported here. It is said that unseen entities have pushed light men to the ground from great heights and strange writings have turned up on mirrors.Some people opine that Ramoji Film City is built on the war ground of Nizam Sultans and has seen much bloodshed.

Hyderabad - Kundanbhag is supposed to a nice posh area in Hyderabad. In a bunglow a family reside consisting of Mother & 2 daughters. Father left the family coz he knew all of them were MAD. They used 2 go to the garbage bin in there santro car daily which is just 2mins walk from there hose to throw it. St.Francis degree is college is located close by 2 this house. Hostels, temples all around. Bushes have grown longer then the doors. daily night all the members used to walk around the house with candles in hand & blood bottles. they used to spill blood drop by drop & used to walk take rounds of the house inside the compound. No1 works in the family. No1 earns. No newspapers. No cable connection. Only electricity they paid some 2–3years bill in advance. This is what people saw & concluded.
1 day a robber wanted 2 try his hand in that house. when he stepped in the house through the window he saw the dead bodies of the family laid on the bed. He got scared & informed the police. After investigations & medical checkups what was revealed took a shit out of the people around, the police & the entire city. THEY WERE DEAD 6MONTHS BEFORE. then who used 2 drive the car??? who used 2 walk around the house??? whose blood was it???
the house which was beautifully constructed from outside..was unpainted inside.it was totally brick. the hostel gals, the college gals there, the neighbors everybody SHELL SHOCKED!!
No1 knows the truth. 2day no1 dares to go to that place at nite. No1 is renovating the house. No1 is demolishing it either.
Its such a shock & was the talk of the town for quite some time in 2003. ONE OF THE HAUNTED HOUSES OF HYDERABAD

Graveyard on Road No. 12, Banjara Hills Hyderabad : Banjara Hills, residence of Hyderabad’s rich and famous has a graveyard on road number 12 with a reputation of some awkward happenings reported by some of the passerby. It is alleged that late in the night the streetlights switch off by themselves and there is a drop in temperature by 5 degrees. Some have complained of repeated tyre punctures. Those who had these uncanny experiences dare not take this road again ever in late night.

Lonawala – Maharashtra – Raj Kiran hotel - Reports of bedsheets being pulled off and continue to be pulled even after the guest is woken up. This room is in the corner and at the backside of the reception on the ground floor itself.

Mumbai – Mahim - Near Canossa primary there is a chawl named d’souza chawl, there is a local well from whwere people used to fill water and even wash clothes.This well did not have any boundary walls around it and once when a lady was filling water the whole thing collapsed.The lady too fell in that well and died.After this incident she is said to appear everyday near that well and many of the locals have even seen her. She does not harm anyone just strolls around the place and before morning hours she dissappears.

Road to Marve and Madh Island, Mumbai: A narrow strip of road with mangrove trees on both the sides leads to the Marve and Madh Island on Mumbai outskirts. The road stretch has seen many fatal accidents. It is alleged that a women in full bridal wear distracts the drivers especially during nights of full moon thus resulting in tragic accidents. Reports of uncanny activities in the dead of night as experienced by locals and staff of beachfront hotels have foxed the authorities for long.

Pune – Shaniwarwada Fort - When Peshwas ruled the western Indian province, Narayan the heir of the kingdom was assassinated on his uncle Madhavrao’s wife’s orders. Narayan was chased by his assassins across the entire fort. It was said that while running for his life he called “Uncle save me”, and even today locals say that they hear his cries for help at midnights on new moon day.

Grave of Alice Richman, University of Pune campus, Pune : The University of Pune has a lush green campus adorned by a canopy of trees. The colonial era buildings inside the campus are the most talked about buildings for visitors from other parts of the world. On one corner of the campus lies the grave of Alice Richman a British / Australian woman of Pune during the colonial era.Her death was a mystery Some say she died of cholera, others say it was suicide and there are some who say she died in the garden while riding a horse. Whatever was the reason of her death her body was buried here. Many believe that she still prowls around her grave in a white dress.

Rajasthan – Alwar / Bhangarh-Ajabgarh – Bhangarh ruins - Bhangarh is a place on way from Jaipur to Alwar city in Rajasthan state of India. Today Bhangarh is known for it’s ruins where nobody dares to stay after sunset. Going to history we find that this town was established by Madho Singh, younger brother of King Akbar’s General Man Singh, in 1631. But the city seems to have been abandoned in a hurry some centuries later. As per local folks, due to some curse the whole town was vacated overnight. According to this curse It was also said that if the town was ever rediscovered, the township would not be found, but only temples would show up. True to the story, only temples dot the landscape and even far up on the mountains only shrines can be seen. People say that nobody returned from there who stayed there after dark. The biggest thing is that as per Govt. of India rules there has to be an office of Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) beside every historical structure in India. But even Government authorities couldn’t dare to open an office there and they opened their office about one kilometer away from the ruins of Bhangarh. Also ASI has put a signboard at Bhangarh saying, “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area.” People who visit this place out of tourist interest say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes sort of anxiety and restlessness.

Thane – Vrindavan Society - Its said a Man had committed suicide in one of the Buildings in Vrindavan Society(Bldg. No.66 B).The security guard’s patrolling the area around have come across weird happenings. Once a guard was slapped so hardly that he got up from his chair and hit the other guard who was near by him thinking he was the one who hit him.

West Bengal – Kurseong – Dow-Hill - The forests have an uncanny feeling. Its damp, cold and sometimes dark. People up here tend to be depressed and countless murders have taken place. On the stretch between Dow-Hill road and the Forest Office, wood cutters returning in the evenings have sited a young boy walking head-less for several yards and then walk away from the road into the woods. Other than this, footsteps are heard in the corridors of the Victoria Boys School when the school is closed for long holidays from December to March.

The Writers Building, Kolkata : Writers Building or Mahakaran located at Dharmatala rechristened as the BBD Bagh happened to be the residence for the junior writers of the East India Company. A place which has seen a bloodbath during the freedom movement is bound to have its share of paranormal activities. There are a lot of vacant rooms here and it is believed that spirits of British sahibs still roam here at night. According to hearsay in the late evenings, a barrage of unusual sounds is heard inside the building premises.

Meerut – GP block – It has been always seen that 4 guys are sitting inside the house with a single candle lighted and drinking beers. It happens to be most common sight for people passing through that area but few person also added that even they have seen girls in red dress coming out of the house. The house is double stored and people have seen the scene happening on the roof top. People have left moving through that place now.

Manglojodi - Orissa -Panic-stricken residents of an eastern Indian village say a killer ghost that lives on a tree stalks them, bringing true the prophesy of a possessed girl. Unable to bear the torture for long some of the braver ones in Manglojodi, a hamlet in Khurda district of eastern Orissa state pulled down the tree.The story apparently did not stop there. Villagers are too scared to come out of their homes once dusk falls, the favourite time of the 'Ghost who walks" to make its evening rounds. Villagers refuse to go near the place where the tree stood, as they fear that they will meet the same fate of seven people who died at the hands of the ghost.the tree was a large banana tree. There are loads of cases of cattle being killed mysteriously when the owners lef them tied to a tree in the night.

THE STORY: Lord Krishna is believed to have died under the Peepal tree. In hinduism the cutting of Peepal tree is consider as sin. Peepal tree is also believed to be the abode of lord yamm(god of death). According to stories Ashvattha and Peepala were two demons who harassed people. Ashvattha would take the form of a peepal and Peepala the form of a Brahmin. The fake Brahmin would advise people to touch the tree, and as soon as they did, Ashvattha would kill them.


1 - Abandoned Theater in Rajasthan
The theater was a very popular in 1988. One night while screening a night show, the viewers noticed smoke coming out of the projection room. On seeing the smoke, the viewers panicked and rushed for the exits. This caused a stampede and a total of 5 people lost their lives-this included a mother and child duo. The deaths happened in various places-in the main hall where people fell in between chairs, the passage way to the ticket counter and one or two to her spots. People even tried to jump out the canteen window, losing their lives. One of them was the canteen boy. The projectionist managed to contain the fire but in the process died due to suffocation. After this fiasco, the theatre was shut down. When it opened again for business, it was completely renovated. People started coming there again. But strange things started happening. Patrons would find unresponsive people sitting in their seats and when the ushers were called, they would see no one there. In between films, screaming, clapping sounds could be heard coming from the hall. Viewers were pushed and scratched by unseen hands. People would hear growling; rasping sounds and would turn around to find no one. A strange man could be seen entering and leaving the projection room. Also, the film would randomly stop playing. Word started spreading that the spirits of the people who died in the fire were haunting the theatre. Business trickled to a stop and the theatre was finally shut down.

2 - 18th Century Fort
This 18th century fort was a very prosperous kingdom. One day, the king died of some ailment and left the kingdom on the shoulders of his 17 year old son-the new king. All the neighboring kings thought that it will now be easy to snatch the fort away from a kid, but they were proved wrong as the new king was capable of valiantly defending his kingdom. So, they decided to take another route-they poisoned the mind of the captain against the king and succeeded in convincing him to kill the king. Word has it that on the eve of the king’s marriage, the captain beheaded the king and took his head to the to be bride-Princess Rukmini. The princess was in her room, adding finishing touches to her bridal attire and on seeing this ghastly deed, jumped out of the window, killing herself. The captain then proceeded to wreak havoc through the kingdom-the king’s brother was brutally murdered, all his loyalists were rounded up and tortured in the dungeons. They say that this kingdom never got over this injustice done to a good king, his family and his subjects. The place, like most forts, was eventually abandoned. But trapped in these ruins, the spirits of the royal family still exist. A long time ago, an archaeologist came to survey the place with her team. She was found in a pool of blood right under the princess Rukmini’s window. They say that the night carries the wailing of the tortured prisoners who died a slow death in the dungeons. Legend has it that there is a presence of a woman in a red chunari…always following, always watching from afar.

3 - Jungle
This location is very picturesque, but still one will not find many people around it, especially in the night. A long time ago, a group of campers, all foreigners, had visited the area. They decided on setting their campsite in this particular location. They were warned by the locals that this was an ancient burial ground site and that it should not be disrespected. But the campers paid no heed to the warnings. All night, they danced around a bonfire, kicked the stones around, broke beer bottles, urinated on the sacred ground and so on. In the morning, there was no sign of the campers. They were never to be found. It is said that there are strange noises that emanate from this location in the night. Incidents like stone pelting, crying sounds and screaming have been reported.

4 - Abandoned Jail - Rajasthan
Situated in Rajasthan, this jail is more than 100 years old. Right from the British era, this jail has been witness to many transitions in history. There have been more than 100 documented deaths in this location-some were sentenced, some due to natural causes and some suicides. Unlike many other jails, this one had convicts who had been sentenced capital punishment. Solitary confinement was also observed. One such criminal was a man who killed his wife and two children and chopped the boy into pieces. When he was sentenced to solitary confinement, screams of terror could be heard from his cell. Guards could hear him yelling to his wife and kids to leave him alone. One day he was found dead in his cell, fingers in blood trying to claw his way out through the walls. Post his death many Incidents of poltergeist activities were reported by the inmates and guards- bunk beds being pushed, scratching, screams and pots being broken. Finally, the jail was shut down and has been abandoned ever since…

5 - Factory
This was a Groundnut Oil factory. About 350 workers worked here when the factory was functional. One day, a worker had a bad accident which left him disfigured and unable to work. When he asked the management for compensation, he was turned away and told that there is nothing like that in his contract. Without a job he & his family suffered. So one night, in frustration, the worker came to the factory and killed himself; but not before cursing the place for making him take this drastic step. After his death, work at the factory resumed, but weird things started happening. The machines would suddenly stop working. Strange noises could suddenly be heard. Other workers started seeing the spirit of the dead worker around. Soon another worker had an untimely death. After that every worker refused to work in that factory. Slowly, the factory came to be completely standstill and now people believe that it’s haunted.

6 - Abandoned Daman Hotel
This abandoned hotel situated near Daman was once very famous but now reeks of decay and the dark stories it holds. Nirmala who was an employee of this hotel was in charge of the house keeping department. Hardworking and loyal, Nirmala was loved by all at her workplace, but her personal life wasn’t as pleasing. She was disliked by her obnoxious husband who always doubted her. There was a man (around the age of 35 – 40), a regular patron of this hotel and always had a special room (out house) reserved for him during his visits. Nirmala tired of her unhappy marriage befriended the man. No one knew the extent of his and Nirmala’s relationship. When Nirmala’s husband got to know of this friendship he suspected Nirmala of having an affair with the man. Nirmala and her husband would quarrel often, one day her husband threatened to kill her, fearing for her life she left their home and rushed to the hotel for the night. In the wee hours of the night her husband sneaked into the hotel and attacked Nirmala with a knife stabbing her several times. He went to the man’s room and killed him too. Next morning the hotel staff discovered the body of the patron in the room & Nirmala’s body was found in the storeroom. Even after her death Nirmala is still seen carrying towels and bed sheets in the night. Her presence in the storeroom and kitchen is also felt. Staff has heard sobbing in the storeroom. Bottles in the bar sometimes get smashed by an unseen force; people say that it is Nirmala as her husband was an alcoholic. The man can be seen in the lobby smoking cigars and sometimes in the rooms shouting at someone and then things fly off and smash against the wall. The hotel was shut down eventually.

7 - Haunted Kulu Bungalow
In this well known place in Kulu. But not for its beautiful and serene placement, but for the dread and fear it houses. Locals do not venture near the bungalow even during the day and it is strictly out of bounds in the night. But it wasn’t like this from the start. Long ago an old lady resided alone in the bungalow; except for a domestic help. One day, the servant went to village and she was all alone. She died in the house and her body lay there for two weeks. The house being isolated didn’t bring to any body's notice the smell of the rotting corpse. When the servant returned, he found the body. Sometime later the bungalow was sold and a family moved in. Strange things and phenomenon were experienced by them. They heard noise from the attic and roof, things suddenly would fall, mirrors developed cracks. The freshly made food as soon as served began to smell rotten. The family moved out and since then it is uninhabited. The villagers believe that the old lady’s soul still lingers in the bungalow and she doesn’t like outsiders in her house.

8 - Haunted Orphanage
Over 30 years ago, there were around thirty girls who lived in this orphanage. The head of the orphanage was a cold-hearted woman and thought that the girls could be civilized only by strong disciplinary methods. These disciplinary methods included beatings, starving and making the young girls stand under the sun till they would faint. Once the head went too far and after severely beating up an 8 year old girl, she put her in the dark room. The girl was kept there without food or water for two days at a stretch. After two days when the room was opened, the girl was nearly dead. Fearing the consequences of taking her to the hospital the warden along with a helper boy decided to bury the girl alive in the garden which was inside the orphanage. Unaffected by her own actions, the warden sentenced another girl through the same torture, this time a ten year old. She too died in a similar manner. Strange occurrences started thereafter. Children crying and the soil moving in the garden could be heard and seen. Scratching and blood, could be heard and seen on the floor on the room, which served as the dark room. At times somebody walking drenched in mud and water could also be seen. One of the cleaners of the orphanage could not hold his silence anymore and he got the head and her assistant arrested. Even then, things did not get better & the unusual occurrences surged. Finally the place was closed down.

9 - Haunted Bawda
A long time ago, this house was home to a happy and wealthy family. One day the man of the house died in a tragic accident. The woman single handedly took onus of the young child and never let her feel the absence of her father. But soon, this love turned to obsession. The girl was never allowed to go to any place by herself. The mother used to accompany her to school and even to her college. When the college authorities objected, she would wait outside the gate for her daughter. With the mother’s hawk eye no longer on her, the girl soon fell in love with a boy in her college. Their love blossomed and soon the girl told her mother of her wishes to marry the boy. This led to huge fights and arguments between the mother and daughter. The mother couldn’t believe that her own flesh and blood wanted to go away from her, abandon her. Finally, the girl threatened to walk out if the mother refused her choice. Beaten, the mother asked her to invite the boy home for a meal. The boy came, but the young couple was ignorant of the mother’s plans. She poisoned the food, taking everyone’s lives-including her own. After this, strange occurrences started taking place-food would be laid out on the table, doors and windows banged on their own. In the night, one could hear loud arguments-locals say that it’s the mother and daughter, stuck forever in their fight. No one ventures to this Bawda that has seen the sorrows, especially of the young girl.

10 - Haunted Lodge
In a forest lodge situated in the lap of nature & run by a British couple, both husband and wife were photographers. The wife loved the place so much that just to keep her happy the husband would keep the place open to guests and maintain it even at times when it made no money. One day the wife died, shattered and lonely the husband sold the place. The new owner turned the lodge into a resort. Even after her death the wife did not leave the place. Her presence was felt in the place. The caretaker claimed to see the living dead. Days passed and business started picking up. However, one day a guest locked herself inside the room and refused to get out. The staff then recollected that a similar incident happened in the same room when another lady shut herself in the bathroom and threatened to kill herself if they forced her out. Things went out of control and eventually the cops had to break in and bring things under control. It is said things move and sometimes there is burst of light like camera flash in the night. Soon the resort was closed down. In no time the caretaker died too. Rumor has it that people have seen the caretaker and heard him listen to his favorite songs in the late hours of the night.

11 - Haunted Hostel
This location was a boys hostel. Long back a young boy joined this hostel. Coming from a middle class family he was the only hope for their family. He was from a traditional Hindu family and when the seniors came to know about it they started to exploit the fact; he underwent some vigorous ragging. He was forced to eat meat and consume alcohol. Unable to cope with the ragging that seniors waged on him the poor boy committed suicide. Hung in his room he was found. Another incident bearing similarity occurred; a couple of weeks later in the same room where another boy committed suicide. The reason why the boy committed suicide was unclear but it was done in the exact manner and exact position almost carbon copy of the previous suicide. After the suicide strange occurrences started happening in the hostel. The senior’s dorms started experiencing apparitions and disturbances. People were scratched and beds would topple. Sometime later, one of the senior infamous for ragging was found dead in his bed. People say that it was the dead guy’s revenge. The things in the mess hall fly away when the food served is not good. Another case is in the common room where things fall down and people are hurt.

12 - Haunted Island
This island was part of a tribal folklore. Nobody used to go there. The tribal’s considered this place as the home of evil and dark forces. Long ago a business man laid his eye on the island. He bought a piece of land and decided to build log cabins over there. The tribals and locals on the mainland protested over this. They were afraid and warned the businessman that this will not be a good idea to pursue. They told him the dark tale behind this island. In ancient times this island and specifically this piece of land was an execution ground for the tribes. When the council of elders of the tribal community considered that a crime committed by somebody was so heinous that the person didn’t deserve to live that person was taken to this place and was executed. Murders and rapist were executed there. The tribals believe that this place is the residence of evil and darkness. The businessman didn’t pay heed to this and started the construction. But the thing was plagued from the start. First of all, none of the local tribals wanted to work on that island. All the workers had to be imported from another city. Workers died from crashing of walls and then there was a fire in the generator room claiming more lives. Also the ground gave way frequently making it very hard for the worker. Since all the workers were from outside and were not aware of the legend they took all these occurrences as accidents. Then later some of the workers refused to work. But somehow the persistence of the businessman worked and the construction was complete. But the strange occurrence continued. One of the early people to go there were a couple on holiday. They ran away from the place in one day, the lady claimed to be assaulted by a big monstrous looking man. Assault on people, trees and walls catching fire and howling that shattered the window was everyday occurrences. But when the businessman’s body was found in his cabin; every part of his body the hands, the limbs and the head were twisted, like a mauled doll. The place was shut in just under three weeks after it started.