According to the psychics:

Spirits have passed over and embraced the light of their holy father--and are happily living as sons and daughters of God. Distinguishing feature between spirits and ghosts is that, spirits hover and float about 3 feet above the ground. Whereas, earthbound ghosts are at ground level.

There are numerous Ghosts among us here on the earth because when these passed they refused to embrace the light of the Father/Almight for various reasons such as:
(1) they don't know they are dead,
(2) They may have committed crimes and such and are afraid they will be sent to hell--so they do not embrace the light and roam the earth instead? Much like in the movies "the Others" these can't understand what mortals are doing in their "space" and find it hard to understand why mortals don't normally communicate with them...
There are 2 kinds of ghost spirits :
Intelligent ghost spirit - who know that they are dead and may try to communicate back with you giving a response.
Residual ghost spirit - who maynot be aware of your existence or are even aware that they are dead and go about in a loop repeating things that they were doing when alive.
Ghosts can communicate with those who are psychically sensitive to them!

Ghosts are electromagnetic fields
Spirits have a completely different presence than the things shown in movies.“Ghosts are nothing but electromagnetic fields (EMF).” It has been proven that when a ghost is sighted there are high EMF readings. These strong EMF’s move through walls of a building and are no where close to normal EMF’s. These are unlikely to be caused by man-made power lines, or electrical equipment since they are stationary EMF’s. Strong moving electromagnetic fields in most cases indicate a presence of paranormal activity.
There are a number of scientific gadgets that help detect the paranormal activities present in the given magnetic field. The fluctuation of readings and details of this gadget signals the presence of a paranormal phenomenon. One of the very important gadgets that help find out more is the EVP, the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, wherein they recognize the spirit with the nature of sound it makes.
“No spirit is evil unless you provoke it”
“A simple communication can help the situation most of the times"

  • Ghosts are afraid of holy water. 'Holy water' is water from a swift stream that flows south (and is sanctified by a priest). World-wide people believe that ghosts are unable to cross running water.
  • Crossroads are popular with ghosts. Some think witches practiced magic at crossroads; others think it is because long ago when a murderer was executed, the villagers would bury the body at a crossroads with a stake driven through it.
  • Silver is a favorite metal of ghosts. People who have multiple encounters with spirits are often wearing silver jewelry.
  • A child born between the hours of midnight and one o'clock in the morning is said to be able to see ghosts.
  • Try picking sage leaves if you want to see a ghost.
  • Salt is supposed to protect you against evil spirits.
  • Wear a silk scarf around your head in a haunted area, and you will not feel a ghost's. Take the scarf off, and you may be surprised!
  • Trees are said to be as haunted as any house. Some famous haunted trees include The Screaming Phantom of Mannheim Forest, and the Fatal Cherry Tree.
  • There is a commonly held belief that certain theaters, or all theaters, are haunted. Sounds, unseen stage hands, lighting gone awry, and doors opening and closing are all part of the theater stories. These beliefs give rise to stories like the curse of Macbeth and the story of the Phantom of the Opera.

    The ancient Egyptians believed that the spirit left the body when it died. These ghosts, called khu, were believed to cause illnesses and trouble in the deceased person's family. Rituals were often held in which people would offer flesh offerings to appease the khu.
    In Assyria, the belief in ghosts was taken very seriously. Evil spirits were collectively know as utukku, and within that group were several kinds of ghosts, who had no limbs and made frightening wailing sounds, and haunted the ancient communities. They believed that these ghosts haunted them because they failed to perform a burial ritual when someone died.
    During their funerals, a tribe in Nigeria said an open plea to the newly dead not to return to terrorize the tribe.

    Chinese culture believes each person has two spirits, a good spirit known as "Shin", and a bad known as "Kuei". The Kuei is left to wander if the dead does not have a proper burial . They believed that a mist would descend, then materialize into an incomplete human form. Like in India and Egypt, the Chinese would offer cakes to the ghosts so that they would not haunt the family. They were offered during a sixty day cycle in which the ghosts were believed to manifest.
    The shojo are Japanese ghosts believed to haunt the seas. Sailors believe these ghosts don't wish to harm them, and enjoy offerings of sake. The Japanese also believed in the umi bozu, a giant black sea phantom who haunted the Pacific.
    In India they believed in four types of ghosts--the bauta, the paisachi, the virika, and the mumiai. This last type of ghost haunted the lower caste, particularly lazy people. Seeing a ghost could be a warning of your impending death. There were many Hindu shrines throughout India for giving gifts to these ghosts, and to Rudra, their god. Wise men could be inlisted to dispel these wretched spirits.
    A famous spirit is the djinn, also known as the jinnee or genie. The djinn is known for pranks (often being ordered by its master). These spirits are thought to be born from fire, or created by a crafty magician.

    April 30 is Walpurgis Night. Although it was named after St. Walpurga, a lifelong crusader against evil magic, Walpurgis Night is known for witch ceremonies and heightened ghost activity.
    Icelandic once had laws to protect against ghosts. Victims of these spirits could call the spirits before the court to place a restraining order on the ghost.
    It was believed that the ghosts of ladies who died after their lovers jilted them (especially if she died in illegitimate childbirth, or because of her shame) would haunt the family of their lover.
    Spunkies are the ghosts of unbaptized children. Some folk tales say that these lonely ghosts often gather together, or turn into white moths so they can be among humans unnoticed.
    In Slavic folklore, a spirit called a kikimora would do domestic chores for the houses they haunted if the family treated the ghost with respect. In England it was a silkie, while in Russia the ghost was called a domovoy.

    Irish folklore is full of tales of tash--ghosts of people who had died violent deaths. These ghosts haunt the place where they died as punishment, in an effort to prevent another foolish death. Ireland one of the most historically haunted places in the world. The Irish would bury the corpse of a person suspected of being the victim of a vampire face down. They thought that if the individual did indeed become a vampire himself, he would dig himself down into the hell, rather than up and out of the grave. The Irish would also never mention the "devil" in idle conversation, since the mention of the word could be considered an invitation. Instead the devil was referred to as "himself".
    The term nightmare is derived from mara, an evil spirit in French folklore. Maras are believed to descend upon sleepers and give them horrible dreams.

    Romans called evil ghosts lemures. These spirits would haunt their living relatives. Every year in May, Romans would walk around their neighborhood beating on drums, and burn beans at tombs to ward off the lemures with the horrible smell. According to the Romans, however, not all ghosts were bad. Lares were the spirits of virtuous people, and were believed to cause mischief by throwing things.

    There are different types of Ghosts in different cultures :

    A Common Ghost or a spirit of a departed ancestor It is believed in India that a spirit of departed ancestor troubles only his descendants to settle his give and take account with them, On the other hand, a ghost troubles any human being, using its black energy regardless of them being their descendants.

    Ghosts of Hindu men who died by violence and whose corpses were disposed without getting the death rituals done for them by their family." They are said to be very powerful and mean.

    Hadal (Female Goblin)
    They have a strong odor around them, like that of a rotten egg. Generally, they affect the person without possessing. Their main duty is to provide material required for doing black magic, for example bones, skulls etc. or to help sorcerers or m?ntriks digging out bodies from the cemetery for their rituals.

    They are the witches in subtle form with foul smell. People possessed by Witches (Chetkins) laugh continuously. Chetkins can take various forms. They possess a person to cause accidents. They also take control of subtle bodies of their victims to make them work according to Chetkins wishes. They also train them in performing rituals to manifest black energy. They are capable of taking complete control of a house and can then devastate the entire family living there.

    Mumiai is an Indian poltergeist that invades most of the homes throughout Mumbai area.It is a ghost who throws things around and attacks people. They especially like to make trouble for people who are lazy or criminal.

    They are small spirits that appear surrounded by a reddish mist and make guttering noise.

    These are the ghosts of women and girls who were either deprived of or faced failure in love and committed suicide. They are also the spirits of those women who dies with unfinished wish of physical desires. It is said that they return as vengeful spirits. Most of them are given domain over a certain area which they haunt. They are said to seduce males who fall for their charm and fulfill their physical needs. People in India have different thought on them. Some say that these spirits are harmful as they use their victim till his death. Some say these are the spirits which gives material gains to their victim in exchange of physical satisfaction. These kinds of Spirits are also mentioned in western Demonology especially known as Incubus or Succubus. Incubus is a male inhuman spirit which uses women to satisfy their unfinished physical needs. Succubus on the other hand is the female version of Incubus.

    The LORELEI (pronounced lorer-lei) is a German ghost who appears as a beautiful woman. She sits on a tall rock the banks of the river Rhine and sing a song so enchanting that sailors who hear it lose all sense of direction and steer their boats onto the rocks.

    They are the ghosts of married women who died in early stages of their marriage either due to any accident or illness. Some say that the women who are killed for dowry become such kind of ghost and return to haunt their killers. These are considered little dangerous but easily taken out of house.

    Another female ghost often mixed up and confused with the Shaakini. These ghosts are that of women who died an untimely death due to any reason.

    Kutti Chetan (Kutti saithan) [Karnataka/Tamil Nadu]
    They are little mischievous ghosts. People say that these ghosts are those of children who died at early childhood. They seem to have a naughty and mischievous nature that of a child.

    Penchapechi [West Bengal]
    It is a rare ghost, the Penchapechi takes the form of owls and haunt the Bengal forests. The ghost follows travelers through the woods until they are completely alone before it strikes. Unlike other ghosts, the Penchapechi actually consumes its victims, feeding on their body almost like vampires.

    Brahmodoityas[West Bengal]
    They are the ghosts of Brahmins, and might bless you if you keep them happy or become your worst enemy if you disrespect them.

    Skondhokatas [West Bengal]
    They are the headless ghosts of people who died in train accidents or any other accident and lost their head.

    Nishi [West Bengal]
    They are the ghosts or phantom travelers who call people by their names in the night at a way of forest and lead them away, the people called by a Nishi are never seen again.

    Kolli devva [Karnakata]
    Kolli devva is a type of spirit in Karnataka which is said to be running through the forests and woods holding torches. (We recognize them as Will-o-Wisp or Light Balls which are mainly caused by the oxidation of phosphine and methane, produced by organic decay which often result in photon/Light emissions. )

    Kallurty, Panjurli, Koti Chennayya [Karnataka]
    These ghosts are famous people who died and are worshipped today as part of an elaborated ritual.

    Kichchin [Bihar]
    These are lustful female spirits who pray on young men for their physical needs. We call them Succubus.

    PanDubba; Dubbi; Dubba [Bihar]
    These are the ghosts of people who died by drowning in the river of lakes. They are said to be short, muscular and are also known for their strength. They are reported asking people for alcohol or tobacco to spare their lives. If refused, they drag the person inside the lake or river.

    Chudail [Northern India]
    They are the most distinguished kind of female ghost who are said to be alluring travellers and kill/possess them and are reported living mostly on Banyan tress.

    Bura Dangoria [Assam]
    A holy spirit dressed in white clothes and a white turban, sometimes seen on a white horse who guards Namghars, the community places of worship where the sacred Bhagvat Gita is kept.

    Baak [Assam]
    A malevolent ugly ghost that sometimes kills a person and takes on the corpse's appearance.Often said to be found near isolated ponds and lakes.

    The BAKA is a Haitai ghoul - the body-eating ghost of someone who joined a secret society when they were alive, which taught them the way of the baka.

    Khabees [North India-Pakistan-Gulf-Europe]
    Khabees is a type of Inhuman Spirit belonging to the Jinn family. Khabees are said to be living with their family. Where ever they live, they live with their family member and they also marry, have kids and have power to demean humanity.

    Ghoda Paak [Assam]
    Has the hooves of a horse, but is otherwise human. Some stories show it as helpful, while others call it so deadly that you die when it looks at you.

    Bira (Poltergeist) [Assam]
    Like all poltergeists in the rest of the world. Usually said to be set lose on a family by an enemy. People summon them to unleash them on enemies in order to eliminate and torture them.

    Jokhini [Assam/Bihar]
    A female demon that often tries to lure males and kill them.

    Ghost in the bamboo grove
    This one is supposed to bend down a bamboo on your way and if you try to go over it, it'll snap back the bamboo and kill you.

    Bordoisila(the storm goddess) [Assam]
    A storm which takes place in Assam every April . This storm is said to be the storm goddess which returns to her husband's house after visiting her mother for the Assamese new year which is around that time.

    Puwali Bhoot (small ghosts) [Assam]
    These are tiny, mischievous ghosts who steal rice and sweets from a house Kitchen.

    The DUPPY is a West Indian ghost who will appear if coins and a glass of rum are thrown on its grave. Duppies are pure evil. If they breathe on someone that person will become very sick, and anyone touched by a duppy will have a fit. If they don't get back to the grave by dawn they can no longer do anyone any harm.

    The Canadian WENDIGO is a ghost who is half-animal, half-human who lives in forests and eats people, especially children. Wendigos are said to have made a deal with evil spirits who also lurk in the forest and help them to kill their victims.

    The Japanese UMI BOZU is a huge sea ghost who haunts Japanese sailors. It is bald and has enormous, terrifying eyes.

    On the other hand, the SHOJO, also a Japanese sea ghost is harmless. Shojo have bright red hair and love drinking and parties. In fact they can be lured from their usual pastime of dancing on waves by offering them sake (strong rice wine.)

    The BUGABOO is an Indian ghost or spirit, which is said to be friendly, guarding its village against evil spirits.
    The INCUBUS is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them.
    This list does not end here....
    Full Body Apparitions are the most commonly accepted form of ghostly phenomena. These can appear as you or I do (that is that they look solid) or they can be transparent. They can create noises and move objects like a Poltergeist but they are normally no danger to the living. The accepted theory is that they only wish to contact the living or scare them. Some famous apparition photos include The Brown Lady and Castle Security Cam Ghost. As well as some lesser known photos like Taiwan Security Cam Ghost. All these and more photos will be on the photos page.

    Shadow Ghosts
    Shadow ghosts appear as a shadow of sorts. They look a bit like Ecto-mist but are dark gray to black in color.They are usually extremely sneaky and evasive. When they are spotted it's usually out of the corner of your eye or as they are darting through a wall. They can also be spotted as a reflection in shinny objects and mirrors.They are one of the rarest ghost types to be captured on film. Birds and cats are especially sensitive to them.Most often spotted in homes. Have also been seen outdoors at a distance.They are ghosts in one of their forms. Some are demonic spirits or creatures. Shadow Ghosts are definitely the most mysterious of the major ghost types. It is still in debate as to what they are or how they come to be but the most widely accepted theory is that they are simply the "shadow" of ghosts who do not have the power or enough energy to form a full body apparition. These are completely harmless and have no threat on the living. Most people report seeing them as fleeting shadows out of the corner of their eye. Rarely does one see a Shadow Ghost with full head on vision it is almost alway in the peripheral. Photos will be on Photos page of Shadow Ghosts.There are 3 separate types : A - Appear as a small dark misty cloud and are almost always under two feet in length, but can hover or float up to 8 feet high. B - Appear as a huge glob of thick cloudy mass. They typically range from 2 to 8 feet in height.

    Another common ghost type is the Poltergeist which is german for "noisy spirit." These boisterous visitors are loud and everyone knows they are there. Poltergeists are known for moving objects, throwing objects, and destroying objects by tossing them across the room. These can range from harmless to absolutely life threatening. They can be rid of by exorcism or a declaration of power against them, though the latter has been known to back fire, badly. So be very careful when dealing with a violent Poltergeist. If anything contact your church to come and monitor your situation. The name and Power of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will bring peace to your home without a shadow of a doubt. Videos of Poltergeist Activity will be on the Photos page. One final note on Poltergeist Activity is that if you are experiencing it and it is centered around a 13-16 year old girl you must get help immediately. This happens as the energy released from the young girls puberty can attract malevolent beings. (DISCLAIMER: It is an accepted theory and must still be told. Once again the name and Power of Jesus Christ/God is the only solution to a Poltergeist.)

    The most frightening of all ghostly beings is a demon. Demonic Haunts are extremely dangerous and can and will most likely lead to Demonic Possesion. Demons are not, I repeat, NOT to be messed with. They are powerful creatures that can and will do anything they can to hurt you. If you are dealing with a demonic encounter please call your church to get a man of God to come and fight the demon away through exorcism. They fear and obey the name of Jesus Christ and it is only that name that will send them packing. Demonic Posessions and Haunts can be too graphic.

    Ghosts & Orbs
    Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. Psychics claim to talk to them on a regular basis, and ghost hunters encounter them quite frequently. It is said that they are those spirits that have willingly stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous life or previous location for whatever reason. Because of this obsession they tend to become similar to a psychotic human beings. It should be said that the majority of us when we die proceed gladly and willingly to the next level of existence after saying our quiet good-byes, which means we're off to the spirit world. A select few elect to stay behind because of a refusal to move on. Apparently the longer they stay behind, the harder it is to find their way to the next level, which is the spirit world. Ghostly orbs are the most photographed anomalies caught on film by ghost hunters and are quite photogenic (when they want to be). They can be completely transparent or display themselves in a bright solid form. It is not hard to capture them on film in their circular form. It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb (ball of light) because it takes less energy thus being the mode of choice among the ghosts. The consensus is that small orbs take up the least amount of energy and apparitions and other fuller shapes take up the most. In the colder parts of the year, it seems that ghosts tend to find it easier to take on shapes other than orbs. That's when there is the most static electricity in the atmosphere. Those months being October through February. It is also believed that they are able to draw on our own energy when needed.Ghosts are normally harmless for the most part and have relatively no desire to bring harm to anyone nor do they have much of an awareness to act as such. Ghosts however, have been known to disrupt the lives of those that they effect and play pranks and move things about.They are actually limited in the activities that they are able to carry out in their frame of existence. Non-human forms as well as evil spirits and demons, who have never had a body, have additional powers and have the ability to sway our thoughts and tempt our reasoning.Ouija boards and other similar devices have the ability to open windows into other realms of existence and can attract evil or bad spirits and can be dangerous.If you are experiencing what you consider to be the effects of an evil spirit or demon in your life then it could be the location where you are living, but you must also consider your life style as well.How you are living or the activities that you involve yourself in that might inadvertently be drawing them to you. Ghosts and spirits are not quite the same. Spirits are capable of continuing a full existence on the other side with their full mental and emotional facilities intact, unlike their counterpart the ghost. You will most likely not encounter a spirit on a ghost hunt as you would a ghost. When they are detected, it is believed that their appearance might be in the form of ectoplasm mist, as well as a full bodied apparitions. They are permitted to visit on occasion and even communicate a message when they have permission to do so but for the most not they will not be picked up on any ghost detection devices or be photographed by any cameras (for the most part). Many believe that we have spirits assigned to watch over us, and that might very well be true but you won't normally be detecting them unless they have a special purpose in making there presence known. In other words Spirits (not ghosts) seem to have a finer spirit tissue that is for the most part undetectable. Other types of ghostly phenomenon are the vortex (funnel shaped appearance) and Ectoplasm (it has a mist or foggy appearance) also called Ecto Mist. These are often picked up on film and video as well but are much more rare

    Phanthon Hitchhikers-that scary lady on the road
    Allegedly, spirits of those who have fallen victim to automobile or road tragedies, spirits that haunt the very location where they were killed.

    Phantom hitchhikers are some of the most 'popular' type of ghosts worldwide. Even though they have been reported for well over a century (even on horseback), it seems that the last 60 years have been most prolific.
    The typical story usually tells of a lonely driver at night on a lightly traveled road, who picks up a strange hitchhiker, drops him or her off at some destination, then somehow later finds out that the hitchhiker had in fact died months or years earlier — often on that very same date. Some say they are apparitions, and some say they are nothing other than spirits repeating time over and over again.
    According to the 'experts', there are 3 types of phantom hitchhikers:

    1. One that goes into the car after stopping the driver.
    These are just waiting by the side of the road, usually of the opposite sex.
    2. One that gets hit or nearly missed by driver then no body is found.
    This kind appears out of nowhere in the middle of the road and gets hit by the car.
    3. One that stops the driver where accidents or murders have happened, or if there is a broken road. This kind probably got injured in an accident and is now repeating itself as an apparition. Or it could be it died due to the bad road and its apparition is warning others.

    Like most 'true' ghost stories, narratives of phantom hitchhikers are impossible to authenticate, and are most often consigned to the class of urban legend or folklore.

    Children Who See and Hear Ghosts
    A study was conducted in order to better understand the abilities children have to see and hear ghosts. The study was based on children from the age of newborn all the way up to 11 years old. The child study was conducted so that we can better understand the abilities to communicate with ghosts, that several children possess. When researching this subject several different aspects were taken into consideration in order to study children how see and hear beings from the other side. These different view points included looking at the ages of which children begin seeing or hearing ghosts as well as taking a looking at what age they begin losing that ability or developing it further. In some cases children do not lose the ability to communicate with ghosts, but they continue expanding their abilities as they get older. In others, the child completely loses their abilities due to many key factors that come into play in the child’s life. Also in a majority of the cases children are seeing full body apparitions in human form and typically the family begins noticing this when the child begins learning how to walk/speak. In the end I found that most commonly children are seeing and communicating with deceased loved ones and the abilities seem to dissipate around the age of five.
    It is believed that some children are born with the ability to see and hear ghosts. It seems though as time goes by and the child gets older, they seem to lose the ability to communicate with the other side. There are many reasons why children begin losing these abilities. One proposed reason is because it seems that many children who can see and/or hear ghosts, are discouraged from talking of such things by their parents or other family members, and telling the child that it is only their imagination. Overtime the child begins to ignore their abilities because they are taught that it is in their head, rather than encouraged to develop their abilities further. In other situations it is also believed that something happens in the child’s mind which basically shuts down the area of the mind that allows a child to see/hear ghosts. This can happen as they get older, usually between the ages of five and eleven years old. Another reason some children may have the ability to communicate with ghosts, is due to near death experiences or major injuries that trigger something in the human mind to open up to these abilities. Some also believe that when children are born, because they have just crossed over from the “other side” they are close to others from that realm and therefore can more easily see them and possibly others from the other side have stepped into this realm of existence to visit that child or protect them. As the child gets older it is possible that their guardians or other spirits from the other side no longer feel that the child needs them and is ready to be on their own, therefore the child stops seeing them or loses the abilities to communicate with the other side - Nicole Leader

    Difference Between Ghost And Demon ( Different religions have different explanations.Following is Bible version )
    According to human belief, ghosts are the dead human. They are the soul of a person who was alive once. Or one can say that they are the traces left after a person dies. They are the soul stuck in our world and seeking way to reach the other world where they actually belong. Ghost stays at those places where they have died or where they used to live when they were alive.
    But on the other side, demons are non-earthly by origin. They are the evil spirit which was never alive. They are tricky and childish and mostly targets children.
    According to the Holy Bible, demons are the ‘fallen angels’. Bible states that the spiritual world exists with our world. The god himself is a spirit (Holy Spirit), also called the ‘holy ghosts’ in the early translations of the bible. The god created billions of angels to help the living beings. Most of them are our friend but some of the angels rebelled and sinned. These are called demons (also called ‘devils’ in early translations of Bible). Such sinned angels were thrown out from the heaven and are called the ‘fallen angels’. The chief in them is Satan.
    It is believed that the ghost doesn’t have any influence in the good or bad in the society. But demons have a strong influence in the surrounding. It is reported in many cases that demons usually appears in front of the children as a child. They will play with the child. Then slowly and steadily, when they achieve the trust of the child and the child starts believing them, they start influencing the child’s mind. Ultimately the child’s behaviour starts changing. They start misbehaving. In some other cases they create frustration between the family members resulting in family problems. Family may also suffer from other problems which creates frustration between the family members.
    Demons are intensely ingrained in mythology and religion and hints of their presence is felt from the time of the ancient Sumerians. There are several stories about demons and their possession ability. Demons are said to have the power to inhabit human as well as animal bodies. If someone got sick, Sumerians used to believe that the sickness was due to possession by ‘sickness demons.’ People used to pray to God to get protected from demons and some even used to perform exorcism to get rid of demons. Humans are believed to have no control over possession by demon. In case of ghosts, it is believed that humans, psychics or certain other medium, can channel out ghost‘s influence from human body.
    Many of us believe that demons, angels and ghosts co exists along with us. If something happens beyond our logical thinking ability, we term it as tricks or miracles of ghosts or demons. Demons and ghosts play the tricks while the angles do miracles. However, the impact of the ghosts’ tricks is expected to be less than that of demons as the later is considered as more powerful.
    Demons never appear in front of anyone usually. But sometimes they appear in the form of dark shadow which can be seen clearly if stationary. They can also sometimes move very quickly but can still clearly be seen as a dark presence. When demons are present a sewer, wet dog or rotten smell is usually present. Not always but usually also extreme cold. On the other hand, Ghosts are usually gray, shadowy and very transparent and with few details. Usually facial features can not be seen. Orbs in photos are of this type as well. The word "Orb", from the Latin orbis 'circle', is another name for a round object, especially a disk or a sphere. (Sometimes the spirit appears in the form of a small dark circle. This is called an orb.)
    Angels come in front of us in many forms but rarely will you see one except in emergency situations where you are being protected from something especially in near death situations, heart attack, car accidents etc.

    Ghost, Spirit And Poltergeist
    Although ghosts, spirits and poltergeist are human soul but there is a small difference between them that makes their classification different. Ghosts, as mentioned earlier, are the stuck human souls who need help to escape from this world. A ghost has more of a negative connotation associated with it in comparison to a spirit. On the other hand spirits are associated with the guardian angels that are here between us just to help. A parent or grandparent who loved you dearly and can’t bear seeing you in anguish will come to you in your time of need. They have reached the other world but are here only for their loved ones. They might be mischievous but never harms. There could be bad spirits too, which are out to harm us, but they can be counted on our fingers. But the ghosts who is angry, aggressive, has lots of hate and frustration within are called Poltergeist. Most of the time they frighten us. They perform activities like banging doors, throwing household things etc. The more you panic, the more they feel happy. They get energy from your fear. And hence day by day their activities increases.
    Ghost can give appearance but a poltergeist never gives its appearance.
    The energy level of ghost remains constant but that of poltergeist sometimes increases then decreases. Ghosts only creates mental terror. Whereas poltergeist can harm you as well.
    When Ghosts can be sent away their abodes, it is difficult to send away a poltergeist. Religious ceremonies are conducted for sending away the ghosts to the other realm (world/kingdom). For sending away a poltergeist, the correct agent has to be identified. The emotional and physical attitudes come a long way in handling a poltergeist.

    This was all about the difference. Now, here are some other facts about ghosts.
    1. Certain events of history are replayed as if they are recorded. For example, girl sitting on her grave, burning smell even if something is not burning, scent of perfume, conversation of some people, walking sound etc. Even the smell and sounds repeats. These are done to just recall that moment which happened to that particular place.
    2. Physics states that everything in this universe is composed of energy. When the soul leaves the body, certain energies are left with them. Ghost uses this energy to switching on and off the light. And due to this energy their presence can be felt. This fact is now used by the ghost hunters to verify the presence of ghost and has now become a big business. These energies can be in the form of electrical energy, magnetism or electromagnetism which can be easily checked by the instruments. The common sensation related to this is temperature fluctuation and standing of hair on the end at the place where high magnetic and electric effects are present.
    3. One of the few things we do know for sure is that paranormal phenomena is more likely to be experienced at night, and sure enough, there is an scientific explanation for why this may be. In short, the earth is covered by a fluctuating membrane we all know as the atmosphere, which is constantly being bombarded by a strong solar wind from the sun. During the day, this membrane is thinnest and densest because it is being directly hit by the solar wind. However, at night, when sheltered from the sun, it expands much farther into space and has much less resistance. This explains why television and radio stations come in better at night, and why you can tune into stations much farther away than is possible during the day. Therefore, the reason we see more paranormal activity at night is because there is much less resistance to every kind of magnetic and electrical current or force, making it easier for energy-based manifestations to appear. Indeed, the best time to go on ghost hunts is widely believed to be between 9 pm and 3 am, with midnight being optimal.
    4. The ghosts usually appear in front of children and females. Demon targets children or the one who is mentally and emotionally weak.
    5. Sometimes the demons are not associated with a place but on a particular person. In such cases, where ever you go they will follow you. And this happens with a child of 7 or 8 years and could happen to anyone. As the child grows up, their activities also increases.
    6. Ghosts usually appears in photographs taken in some haunted place. But people often say after watching the photos of ghosts that what is the proof that these photos are real. To check this you can use an instant photo camera which has no reel. hence no one can do some changes in the negatives.

    The Things You Should Never Do…
    Horror stories create interest towards ghosts and demons. And people usually do some things to encounter with the ghosts that they should not try. The most common thing used by the people is ouiji board. You should never play with it. Unknowingly, by playing with ouiji board we open such doors that connect the world of livings and non livings. And in many cases through these doors, ghosts and many times demons enters our world. It is just like to hit your leg on axe. And to get rid of them is definitely not easy.
    There are other ways too through which you can give an open invitation to ghosts and demons like playing with dowsing rods and practicing black magic.
    People think that by calling a ghost they can complete their wishes by ordering them. But usually the opposite happens

    Why Ghosts React On You??
    There may be three major reasons because of which ghost appears in front of you or tries to gain attention-
    1. If the ghost needs help to escape from this world they will show you their presence.
    2. If your home was his home once or he died in that place they will show their anger. They don’t like the presence of other people in their places.
    3. Sometimes when we move to new home and do some repairing, the sleeping ghosts gets activated. Means they can allow you to live in their house but they don’t want you to make any changes in there.
    Earlier, science did not believe on such paranormal activities. But now even science has begun to believe in such things that are above human understandings.

    Does My House Have a Vortex?
    In the paranormal, a vortex is often described as a space where spirits travel freely between our world (or plane) and the other side, but the spirit has no real connection to the vortex’s location. Many use this to explain why a haunting continues to occur after a house has been cleansed. It’s also used as an explanation for hauntings that continue but have changed or been altered from the original reports.
    Many New Ager’s believe vortices (plural for vortex) have a connection with ley lines (invisible paths of energy that criss-cross on earth, where the intersecting lines signal where energy is at its strongest). Similar to a water vortex, it can pull in everything around it. Some believe a vortex of energy can either spiral out or spiral in, and can be either positive or negative energy.
    Many people believe that sacred areas or even places where nothing lives/grows are natural signs of a vortex.In modern days, many investigators and paranormal enthusiasts identify a white rod or streak in a photograph as proof of a vortex. What’s unfortunate is that there may be some truth to vortices, but rods and streaks in photographs are anything but orbs. Instead, they are dust, light flares, and sometimes even a camera strap. Some remain convinced in their beliefs that it is paranormal even when investigators point out natural explanations.
    In theory, the possibility of an energetic concentration that could cause paranormal phenomenon has been reported for centuries.
    Whether you want to call it a vortex, curse, portal, etc., most hauntings with a vortex have similarities. One strong example is a haunting that continued regardless of whoever is living in the house/apartment. For example, if you move in to a house that has been haunted for as long as people can remember, spanning several owners, then it seems less likely that the phenomenon is location-based, rather than being attached to just one person.
    The question on how to get rid of a vortex is widely debated, since there is little evidence (even by paranormal investigator standards) to begin with. Many agree that a vortex energy can be dispersed or redirected. The solution on how to do that varies, depending on who you talk to, what their beliefs are, etc.
    Caution: If a psychic or investigator claims you have a portal and offers to cleanse it in return for financial payment, kindly decline and find another specialist/team. Right now it’s widely practiced in the paranormal community to not charge for services. Until the paranormal community becomes more organized and “regulating,” payment for paranormal investigators is frowned upon, especially if you’ve never heard of the team.
    Also note that some also believe that there is no way to close a vortex, or that it takes a very long time to close one.

    Spirit Possession
    Spirit possession is a concept of paranormal, supernatural and/or superstitious belief in which spirits, gods, daemons, demons, animas, or other disincarnate entities may take control of a human body, resulting in noticeable changes in behaviour. The concept of spiritual possession exists in Christianity and other contemporary religions and can also be seen in the mythology and folklore of many cultures.

    Possession in Anthroposophy:
    According to Anthroposophy, spiritual possession is when ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) control the mind (emotions, thoughts) and intellect (decision making ability) of a person. As a result, they also control the person’s actions. Anthroposophy holds that spiritual possession is a contemporary phenomenon, and that people with a physical illnesses or a weak minds are more likely to be attacked and possessed by ghosts. They state that up to 30% of the world's population may be possessed by ghosts.
    In cases of spirit possession, the person often experiences cases of being hot and hurting all over as if being stabbed. Most victims of spirit possession don't remember anything that happens to them while possessed by the (souls,spirits, deity, gods, demons, animals,) or other disincarnate entities. In other cases the possessed individual can at times stop breathing while possessed, this is sometimes called black energy the entities use to possess the individual. Being affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) is when the physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual functioning of a person or any combination thereof is affected or altered by the ghosts entirely through the use of their black energy. There is no direct control by the ghosts over the mind and intellect of the affected person. The ghost has not succeeded in merging with the person’s consciousness in any form.
    Through this black energy, they can affect the person in many ways, such as giving him a skin rash, or leave scars or maks on the skin, induce negative thinking or cloud his intellect which cannot be attributed to any known cause. In a way, this is indirect control over the person. Affecting a person with black energy can be understood as something like the effect of a poisonous gas present in the room. It can affect the person at various levels. However the ghost affects that aspect of the person, which is most conducive to achieving its objective; either of troubling that person, fulfilling its own desire or preventing spiritual practice etc.

    Warning Signs of Demonic Possession
    Demonic possession is a very rare phenomenon. Science has washed away most part of what used to be considered as demonic possession. Problems of the Brain or Mind such as Schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome and various forms of psychosis were once regarded as sure-fire signs that diabolical infestation was taking place. We have come a long way over the years and many of the people suffering from the above diseases can live active lives while on medication. Many use this as proof that possession does not exist. After all, some reason, science has proven that it does not exist.
    In this modern era, the Church seeks to write off the devil as a concept, as opposed to being an intelligent force. However, it is flawed thinking. For openers, science does not have close to all the answers and science is always changing. What we once believed as scientific fact now comes under scrutiny itself. In addition to that, there are some very unusual manifestations that take place in demonic possession. These things cannot be explained by science and they offer no cure for them either.
    It is true that in past centuries, mentally ill people were subjected to difficult exorcisms and the results were poor. It can be rightly argued that those people were done a great disservice and their mental diseases became much worse as a result. Whatever else was wrong with them, they were branded as evil as a result of the exorcisms. As often happens when science and religion get together, the pendulum swings the other way. Unfortunately, it has swung way too far, to the point where people who are being demonized are given antipsychotic medication and turned into walking zombies. As the old exorcisms failed to help those with mental illnesses and even made them worse, we now have the reverse. People who are demonized are being made worse because they are being treated for a condition that does not exist.
    You would believe that somewhere there is a happy medium but to date, it has not happened. What we will do here is produce a list of conditions that must be met to properly diagnose the problem. Where there are emotional symptoms or symptoms that are likely to be a result of mental illness, I will say so. However, it must be pointed out that many who are possessed are also mentally ill. It may be a direct result of the possession; it may be why the possession took place.
    The line between the two is not so vague. There is some gray area but there are so many things that occur with possession, things that are taking place around the person, that it is hard to classify what is taking place as strictly psychiatric. Those things are called “outward manifestations.” These are things like moving objects in the house, voices that are not coming from the person. There may even be physical assaults by unseen entities.
    What I will do is break this down into three categories. The first has to do with mental changes in the victim; the second have to do with physical changes by the person and the third has to do with preternatural changes in the environment.

    Things reported during the so called Possession.

    Mental Changes Affecting The Person:
    Look for changes in personality. This is usually seen when the person is affable and suddenly becomes extremely quiet.
    Someone who is normally very active suddenly becomes isolative.
    Look for changes in sleep patterns.
    Look for sudden weight loss or gain.
    Look for changes in attitude and behavior, usually becoming hostile.
    Someone who begins cursing a lot when that is out of character for them.
    Notice if they suddenly have an aversion to religious objects. They may be a person who normally goes to Church but suddenly despises the thought.
    Look for evidence of self- mutilation.
    Look for changes in the way the person dresses.
    Observe their personal hygiene and look for changes.
    Look for evidence of occult materials in the room.
    Look for destructiveness on the part of a person, especially if that destruction is of religious objects.
    They may become abusive and threatening for no reason.
    They may become violent. They often attempt to hurt animals.
    The person may experience severe nightmares or night terrors.
    They may perform acts of humiliation, such as urinating on themselves, etc.
    They may be sexually pre-occupied. Excessive masturbation or doing it in front of others.
    Take note of what appears to be a different personality or multiple personalities.
    Look for unusual changes in diet. Foods that were once favorites may now be repulsive to the person. They may eat foods that they once detested.
    Take note if they seem to have blackouts in their memory.
    The above items can well be psychiatric or psychological changes; therefore, you must be wary when you look at these as signs of possession. All of the above can be cries for help or signal the beginning of drug use or mental illness. When these are the only things present, seek psychological counseling first, before even giving thought to the possibility of demonic possession. Many of these changes are normal, especially when dealing with teenagers. Do not automatically think of possession unless you have some reason to believe they are vulnerable to possession. For example, if they have been performing rituals or dabbling in the occult and then you start noticing personality changes. However, the likelihood is that it is a natural problem, natural being psychiatric or psychological.
    As you will see, there are many other indications of possession. Look for some of those before you give credence to the idea of possession. In addition, never mention to someone undergoing personality changes that they might be possessed. You can plant a dangerous seed by doing that.
    Physical Changes Affecting The Person:
    The person involved may go for long periods of time without blinking their eyes. (Can indicate a neurological condition)
    The person may appear catatonic. (Can also be a sign of mental illness)
    The person speaks a language they could not possibly know. (Or speak English with unusual accents.)
    The person speaks in tongues.
    The person will become completely rigid where they cannot be moved at all, even by multiple people.
    Look for changes in the eyes. They may turn almost black like shark eyes.
    Look for obvious changes in their features.
    The person may possess inhuman strength.
    The person may exhibit “precognition,” the ability to predict the future.
    The person displays “retro cognition,” the ability to know about past events they should not know about.
    The person may be able to know something about a person they have not met.
    Their voice may change. It may go from high to low to guttural.
    They may be able to tell what you are thinking.
    They may move in some unusual way. For example, they may seem to glide instead of walk.
    Writing or symbols may appear on the body in the form of welts and scratches. Look especially in areas they could not reach.
    They may levitate.
    Hair or eye color may change.
    There may be multiple voices coming from the person at the same time.
    Take note if animals appear to be frightened of the person, especially if they begin acting fearful when there are personality changes in the person.
    A couple of these symptoms can be related to medical or psychological conditions but most of them fall outside the realm of science. If you start to see a few items in this category, there is serious cause for concern. At this point, you start to take items from the first category and see if they are consistent with items from things in this second category, or the third one I am about to detail. Obviously, some are more telling than others. You have to give weight to the values when you try to make a determination. The Holy Spirit should be called on for guidance and discernment, especially where there are only vague manifestations.
    Outward Manifestations:
    Objects move around seemingly by themselves.
    Objects may disappear and not be found again. (Asporting)
    Objects may disappear and be found in another location. (Teleporting)
    Objects may disappear and later be found where they originally were.
    Objects may come from nowhere. (Apports)
    Knocking, banging or pounding may be heard throughout the house or in just one room.
    Objects fly around as if they were thrown from unseen hands.
    There may be knocks at the door but no one is ever there. These are often heard in threes, as this is a way of mocking the Holy Trinity. Ditto for doorbells.
    Religious articles disappear or are destroyed. They may also be desecrated.
    Growling may be heard but the source cannot be located.
    There may be scratching sounds heard without an obvious source.
    There may be foul odors that have no verifiable source. They may come and go.
    Odd lights may be seen. They may shoot around a room.
    Heavy furniture may move on its own.
    There may be sightings of people or dark shadows that may or may not have form.
    Odd-looking creatures may be seen.
    Doors and drawers may open and close on their own.
    Electrical appliances may turn on or off.
    Spontaneous fires may start up.
    Animals may become spooked and stay away from the targeted person altogether.
    Animals may growl at something they see but you do not.
    Any talk of God or religion may cause an outbreak of activity.
    Glass may break for no reason.
    Sounds of glass breaking may be heard but there is no evidence of it happening.
    There may be sudden temperature changes, up and down although it is usually down. These can be recorder on a thermometer.
    A person may suddenly become cold while the temperature remains constant. A thermometer may record a one to two degree drop in that person.
    People may have a feeling of being watched or that they are not alone.
    People may hear voices when no one is present.
    People will often hear their name called only to find that no one is around. Sometimes, a couple will each think they heard the other call to them.
    There may be a sensation of wind blowing even with the windows closed.
    Lights will go off or not come on when turned on.
    Apparent retaliation after some attempt to stop the activity.
    Activity starts up when you attempt to say prayers.
    Apparent retaliation if a clergyman has been to the home.
    Physical attacks. It might be in the form of punching, scratching, biting, hair pulling, etc.
    Psychological attacks. The devil knows your weaknesses and will try to exploit them. Someone who feels ashamed about something will have an increase in that emotion. The same is true for depression, anxiety and anything else you can think of.
    Sexual assaults. This can run the gamut from fondling to actual penetration. This can occur in males as well as females.
    Levitation of objects or people.
    A fair number of the items listed in the above category could be the result of a human spirit. This is why you have to look at all three columns together to get a fair sampling. If any of the above takes place and stop when commanded to in the name of God, or if holy water stops the activity, that is a good sign of a serious problem. However, judging one or two items by itself is not a large enough sample to conclusively prove the influence of something diabolical.
    The Roman Ritual does not require a specific number when it comes to proving that something demonic is taking place. Rather, what you have to do is paint a picture, of sorts. Consider all of the evidence together before making a determination. It is also very important to rule out what you can as being natural in origin. Take into account that when people are frightened, their senses sharpen and every sound appears ominous, even natural, everyday sounds. Imaginations will run wild when one believes that something evil is taking place. That must be considered when someone comes up to you and tells you that they believe a house is haunted or a person is demonically possessed.
    While you cannot be close-minded, you must remain skeptical. Rushing into an exorcism where one is not necessary can have serious consequences. If a person is suffering from a mental illness, an exorcism will only exacerbate the situation. The person may now believe they are evil. If the exorcism is being done on a house where it is not needed, it can attract attention and stir up trouble where there was none before. In this field, “better safe than sorry” does not apply. An exorcism is a very serious thing and it is extremely dangerous. It can have serious consequences. Where evil is involved, the person who is called on to combat it is in serious danger, and if they are not careful, the consequences can be horrendous. It is not something to be played with. Only someone who has had experience in both the supernatural and Church teaching should even attempt to perform this rite. It is best if that person has been ordained as an exorcist.
    During an exorcism, anything or nothing can happen. There is no set standard. In some cases, all hell seems to break loose; in others, not a peep is heard. Sometimes the smell of roses permeates the location, a positive sign that the entity has been expelled. However, it can take some time before you are sure an exorcism has worked. Sometimes the Ritual forces them into a state of dormancy. However, at a later date, the problem may arise again. In many cases, multiple exorcisms may have to take place. The devil can be a persistent force and it will hold on for as long as it can. It sometimes comes down to attrition.
    The person who performs the exorcism must know the risks. There is likely to be retaliation so that person must stay in God’s light at all times. There is no sense of time on the other side so even though an exorcism was performed ten years ago, there is still the risk of retaliation. There is always the risk of retaliation.

    Exorcism in India
    Hinduism :
    In hinduism Beliefs and/or practices pertaining to the practice of exorcism are prominently connected with Hindus. Of the four vedas (holy books of the Hindus), the Atharva Veda is said to contain the secrets related to magic and alchemy. Possession is one the siddhis (laghima) or psychic power acquired with austerity, chastity or yogic sadhana in tantric tradition. Milarepa entered the body of his disciple Gampoba with this siddhi. These beliefs are particularly strong and practiced in West Bengal and Orissa.
    The basic means of exorcism are the mantra used in both Tantrik and Mantrik traditions.
    Vaishnava traditions also employ a recitation of names of Narasimha and reading scriptures (notably Bhagavata Purana) aloud. According to Gita Mahatmya of Padma Purana, reading the 3rd, 7th and 8th chapter of Bhagavad Gita and mentally offering the result to departed persons helps them to get released from their ghostly situation. Kirtan, continuous playing of mantras, keeping scriptures and holy pictures of the deities (Shiva,Vishnu,Brahma,Shakti e.t.c) (esp. of Narasimha) in the house, burning incense offered during a puja, sprinkling water from holy rivers, and blowing conches used in puja are other effective practices. Main Puranic resource on ghost- and death-related information is Garuda Purana.It is said that ardent believer and follower of Lord Sri Hanuman are isolated from ghostly attacks and possessions.

    Buddhism :
    In Buddhism, exorcism exists depending on the Buddhist sect. Each differs from the others: some view it as metaphorical, some esoteric, and some even literal. Some Tibetan Buddhists view exorcism as being nothing more than a metaphor for expelling negative thoughts and transforming them into enlightened mind.
    Certain Buddhists believe in blessings rather than exorcisms to rid themselves or property of negative thoughts and/or negative spirits.
    In Mahayana Buddhism (or rather Tibetan vajrayana Buddhism) evil spirits are rather conversed, and turned into becoming serving, especially wrathful protecting spirits of the dharma The tantra (lineage of spiritual craftsmanship) of exorcism in Buddhism may be identified with Vajrakilaya tantra

    Judaism :
    In the time of Moses, non-New Testament Jewish sources report of exorcisms done by administering drugs with poisonous root extracts or others by making sacrifices. They mention that exorcisms were done by the ESSENE branch of Judaism .
    In more recent times, Rabbi Yehuda Fetaya authored the book Minchat Yahuda, which deals extensively with exorcism, his experience with possessed people, and other subjects of Jewish thought. The book is written in Hebrew and was translated into English.

    Christianity :
    In Christianity, exorcisms are ostensibly performed in the name of Jesus or through prayer.
    In Christian practice the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the church, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures, amuletes etc. The exorcist often invokes God or Jesus and/or several different angels and archangels to intervene with the exorcism.
    In general, possessed persons are not regarded as evil in themselves, nor wholly responsible for their actions. Therefore, practitioners regard exorcism as more of a cure than a punishment. The mainstream rituals usually take this into account, making sure that there is no violence to the possessed, only that they be tied down if there is potential for violence.

    In Islam, exorcism is called Ruqya.It is used to repair the damage caused by sihr or witch-craft. It consists of reciting some specific verses from the Quran which glorify God (e.g The Throne Verse (Arabic: آية الكرسي, Aytul Kursi) and invoke God's help. In some cases, the Adhaan (the call for daily prayers) is also read, as this has the effect of repelling non-angelic unseen beings or the Jinns.
    The Prophet Muhammad taught his followers to read the last three SURAS from the Quran,Surat-Al-Ikhlaas (The Fidelity), Surat-Al-Falak (The Dawn) and Surat-Al-Naas(Mankind).

    Scientific view :
    Demonic Possession is not a valid psychiatric or medical diagnosis recognized by either the DSM-IV or the ICD-10. Those who profess a belief in demonic possession have sometimes ascribed the symptoms associated with mental illnesses, such as hysteria, mania, psychosis, Tourette's syndrome, epilepsy, schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, to possession. In cases of dissociative identity disorder in which the alter personality is questioned as to its identity, 29% are reported to identify themselves as demons. Additionally, there is a form of monomania called demonomania or demonopathy in which the patient believes that he or she is possessed by one or more demons.
    The illusion that exorcism works on people experiencing symptoms of possession is attributed by some to placebo effect and the power of suggestion. Some supposedly possessed persons are actually narcissists or are suffering from low self-esteem and act like a "demon possessed person" in order to gain attention.
    Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck researched exorcisms and claimed to have conducted two himself. He concluded that the Christian concept of possession was a genuine phenomenon. He derived diagnostic criteria somewhat different from those used by the Roman Catholic Church. He also claimed to see differences in exorcism procedures and progression. After his experiences, and in an attempt to get his research validated, he attempted but failed to get the psychiatric community to add the definition of "Evil" to the DSM-IV. Although Peck's earlier work was met with widespread popular acceptance, his work on the topics of evil and possession generated significant debate and derision. Much was made of his association with (and admiration for) the controversial Malachi Martin, a Roman Catholic priest and a former Jesuit, despite the fact that Peck consistently called Martin a liar and manipulator. Other criticisms levelled against Peck included misdiagnoses based upon a lack of knowledge regarding dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder), and claims that he had transgressed the boundaries of professional ethics by attempting to persuade his patients to accept Christianity.

    Ghost Faqs
    1. What is you stance on exorcism?
    Negative souls can possess us and they can be exorcised by a competent shaman or healer of some type ( includes the clergy).

    2. There are specific meters that are used for detecting ghosts, are these really useful for a ghost hunter?
    For the ghost hunters that can't see them, these meters can be helpful.

    3. Why are ghosts selective about who they interact or reveal themselves to?
    Ghosts are not selective about who sees them or who they interact with. They'll interact with or appear to anyone that can see or hear them.

    4. What is the best approach when you first contact ghosts? What is the best way to communicate with spirits? What is the best way to help spirits/ghosts?
    Best approach is to not act afraid and talk to them as you would any intruder in a home. We should always talk to them out loud. The best thing to do for them is to tell them firmly to go to the white light. Some are disoriented and aren't sure what to do. You need to sound like you really mean it, rather than act scared, cause if you act scared, they turn it into a game. They are usually immature souls, and often get a kick out of scaring people. Usually if you put your foot down, sound firm, and tell them to move on to the light, they will go. If you waver, they will too.

    5. Just how do Ghosts communicate with us? Why do they do it so infrequently? And, Why don't they clarify their partial messages to us?
    Ghosts are the souls of deceased people. They are made up of energy that is not easily seen by the human eye. Once they leave the body, their energy is of a different vibration or frequency, which is very light. We re used to the heavier energy here on Earth and used to hearing a clear audible communication when we humans speak to each other. Spirits/souls/ ghosts communicate by thinking. They send thoughts. It's such a light vibration that even when communications is going on from the deceased, most of us are not aware of it. Souls are always trying to communicate to us. Receiving those messages has a lot to do with; our state of mind at the time, our ability to hear clairaudiently, our beliefs, how relaxed we are, etc. They think in full messages and its us that receives them partially, depending upon our ability to hear.

    6. When you deal with a spirit we often advise people to protect themselves with a prayer (white light, sage, candles, etc) from whatever religion they follow. Why do we never consider the religion of the spirit? If it is a spirit of a person that was Jewish in life, why would a catholic blessing work?
    Telling a person to light white candles, say certain prayers or wear a crucifix is for their benefit, and does not have much of an impact on a ghost. Most ghosts could care less about these things. Sage clears a place of negative thought forms or feelings, but does not get rid of spirits. Ghosts may leave a room filled with sage smoke, only to return when the smoke has cleared out.

    7. When you "sense" the presence of a ghost - are they most likely in orb-form or are they already an apparition-form by this time?
    They are as a formed person, but in photographs, they often appear as orbs

    8. Do you have any options on whether spirits who were mentally ill when they were in human form carry mental illness into the spirit realm? If so have you had any personal experience with such a spirit or ghost?
    Some ghosts who suffered from mental illness when they were living can carry over into death. If you sense you have such a ghost, or are worried about someone you know who has passed and suffered from mental illness, be sure to say their name out loud and tell them to look for the white light and go to the light. They will be taken care of when they get into the light.

    9. Give a list of some signs that would give a person a reason to believe their home was haunted. These would be for individuals who believe they had little or no psychic abilities.
    The most common symptoms are knocking sounds on wall, hearing footsteps, lights, TV. and radios being played with. Also hearing voices and seeing a floaty apparition.

    10. Why are most orbs whitish, but then a few appear colored? Why the discrepancy?
    The colors have to do with the spirits aura and what color it is. You might want to pick up a reputable book on aura's to see what the colors mean.

    11. Are ghosts capable of making people sick or able to cause their deaths on purpose? Can it harm you?
    It cant be ruled out anything anymore. These things are possible.However there is no single proof of someone being killed by a spirit. They gotta be real smart that they don’t leave any proof.Some may take energy from the people that live in the house which runs down their immune system and that can cause sickness.
    Anything live can harm you too if you disturb its space. Even a honey bee.Ghosts do not generally harm you or scare the (beep) out of you but all they want is to communicate.
    Wouldn’t you try to get yourself noticed if no one is talking to you for years??? You would definitely try moving objects, shout, do crazy stuffs, cry, and if those don’t work, you would surely scratch someone in frustration. So is the case with the Ghosts.

    12. Can a ghost...or do ghosts sometimes take over a person's body so it can feel the act of sex or enjoy the taste of food, etc.?
    Yes,It's most common in souls that died from alcoholism or drug addiction. They will inhabit alcoholic or drug addicted bodies to get that high again.

    13. Can ghost travel using phone lines?
    May be..maybe not

    14. I have always played with Ouija boards... last June a friend of mine and I were talking on the Ouija board and had a very miraculous experience... it said it was an angel and was here to help me.... which to this day I fully believe that was the case... she said she was channeling through my friend....she ordered that we break the Ouija board and purchase an angel board in which that time I did not even know what an angel board was... I finally located one online, bought it and continued talking to her... she helped my life a lot... my friend has since moved so I have had no contact with her until recently my 10 year old son and I pulled out the angel board and away the plachette went! Stronger than ever!!!! Very scary... IT claims to be another angel but it is very very different from the one that my friend and I would talk to. This one swears and says that it is channeling through my son and it always says.. " Alex isn't here" Alex is my son.. to get on with the story... I don't know if you are believing any of this but it is actually a MUST SEE... we were talking to it the other night.... it swore so I yelled at it... it said I was mean and made it cry... it continually kept on spelling CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY realllllly fast... next thing I know.. my son is crying hysterically.. I asked him why and he said I don't know...ok... so now there have been many things going on in my house voices.... noises... items disappearing and so forth..... I need some help here. I don't know if my son could possibly be possessed or if the thing just decided to move in... but it is bad.. I don't know if you deal with things like this and it is a hard thing to tell friends about, they think I am nuts! Am I?
    This whole business of playing with the Ouija Board is very dangerous if people don't know what they're doing. Most people buy them to play with and be entertained, but these earth bound spirits love to freak people out and they usually will do so through the Board. No matter if it's a Ouija or Angel Board, unless you can hear and see spirit, you don't know who is coming through. Perhaps you did have an Angel during the first encounter, but that is not that common. I've never met an Angel that works through one of those boards, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.Throw away the Angel Board (preferably burn it). Then walk through your house and demand that all earth bound spirits get out of your house now. Call in the Squadron, which is a group of former ghosts, who will come and clear your house out of negative spirits. Then, do not talk about the spirits while in the house for at least three days. Let them be on the other side for awhile. Next, ask for a real Angel to come to your home and surround it in white light, seal up the borders of the house with white light so that no more intruders will come in. Then get some sage and burn it. Run the smoke up and down your son/family and ask that he be cleared of any negative energy NOW. Children are very vulnerable and shouldn't be playing with any of these kinds of boards. They don't need to be open to this kind of energy. Dont act afraid. Put your foot down and demand that any un-welcomed earth bound spirits in your home leave NOW. That should do it!

    15) When and if ectoplasm, or other forms of energy manifest itself to human form.

    16) If two persons at the same time witness a visible presence, do they see the same or differently than the other?
    Yes, they will usually both see the same thing. Maybe a little variance, but not much.

    17) Why do ghosts remain in the living world and not pass on into the spectral realm?
    Their reasons for staying here vary, but the two most common reasons are:
    1) They are afraid they will be sent to hell for some things they did wrong in their life.
    2) They don't want to run into someone in Heaven that they don't like. There are more reasons

    18) Do the deceased know they have been departed from the living?
    Most of the deceased know they are deceased, but once in a while we can find one that doesn't know.

    19) How does one become a paranormal investigator?
    If we can hear and see spirits. Many people get into it in a variety of ways.

    20) I have seen a living person's apparition.
    Many people have also seen. Have you ever felt sometime that your mom/dad/sis/bro is standing beside you even when they are happily leaving and out of the house???
    It is the Residual Haunting.
    Residual haunting is like a tape which plays itself back and back and back. It is the emotional discharge of a person which gets imprinted on the plane of location. And it plays back when some geomagnetic fields favour its manifestation.. There is no communication involved.
    It is just a reflection of the past being played on our visual dimension.

    21) What is paranormal investigation?
    Investigating the paranormal activity. There are different methods of investigations in world. Some follow the psychic method and some use scientific methods.

    22) Is it dangerous to stay in a haunted house?
    If it is your house, you own it then by universal law of nature, you have more rights to stay without fear in your home.

    23) When I sleep I feel something sitting on my chest,choking me and I cannot move my body.Is it a ghost?
    It is Sleep Paralysis. Nothing Ghostly. But it is also related to the brain-frequency.Your Brain frequency changes when during sleep your Sub-conscious takes over your consciousness and vice versa. People having Out of Body Experiences, go through a phase of sleep paralysis, before they start feeling that they are out of their body.

    24) Is my house haunted?
    If you hear Foot-steps anytime in the day and can’t find the source or you suddenly smell some strange tobacco or sweet rose smell or smell of rotten flesh and can’t find the source or some object of your house moves without any source or you hear whispers and it happens quite frequently then you must give your house a reality check!

    25) How do ghost look? Are they scary?
    They definitely do not look like those Ramsey Brother’s Ghosts and Chudails. Ghost do not have twisted legs and all the ghosts do not wear white. And Ghost don’t even follow you around.
    The Apparition generally is translucent or dark. Sometimes like shadows. Paranormal Investigators believe that they are also in forms of ORBS. ORBS can be photographic error, dust particle or moisture.
    ORBS are common at haunted place. ORBS are considered to be the energy source of a spirit.
    You can be scarier too hence you should never underestimate anyone

    26) Are ghosts real?
    They are as real as you. They are very rare. And if you are/were good at physics then you must know Albert Einstein's famous Theory of relativity=mc(square) which states, energy and mass on this universe are constant and are interchangeable .This is also supported by the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY which states that ENERGY Cant be created and can’t be destroyed but it can change forms. So if there is an intelligent energy called Spirit which runs us, it would not destroy itself when it loses its body at death. It would either change into different form or would stay in the universe to JAM with its loved ones.

    There is no doubt that, there is something definitely going on in the world of haunting; We still lack some sure shot evidence. There are many who have turned believers because they experienced something in life. But that does not makes it necessary that you will meet a Ghost in your lifetime. We do have Scientific evidences, but Dualism in Science does not confirm them, and neither denies them. There have been many experiments done to understand Paranormal phenomena that have been fruitful. Are they real? We say, Yes!

    27) What are ghosts?
    Spirit is an intelligent energy. Spirit is someone's consciousness and the ethereal aspect of human life. Ghost is a name given to the consciousness which survives the physical death. Generally Speaking, Ghost is the consciousness/spirit of a dead person without a body.
    Ghost are spirits of deceased persons or animals. It has different meaning in different beliefs. Among some schools of thought, Ghosts are believed to be earthbound spirits. Where as, Other higher spirits such Jinns, Demons, Angels, Fallen-Angels,etc. are not considered as 'Ghosts'. Spirit is the consciousness of any living being, without which a body ceases to function. The word Spirit has been taken from Latin- Spiritus which means breath.
    The main classifications of Spirits: (Aatma) Human Spirits - (Bhoot, pret, rooh, Ghosts, poltergeists, dubba, churail, shakini, dakini, mohini, phantoms,etc.) Inhuman Spirits - (Jinns, Khabees, Demons, Fallen Angels, Shaitaan, Succubus, Incubus, Vampires, Mermaids, Fairies, Hobbits, Goblins,etc.) Animal Spirits - Those who lived as animals in their life time.

    How to Perform a Cleansing Ritual - GHOST REMOVAL
    Materials needed:
    _ A smudge stick of sage
    _ A lighter or matches
    _ A "plate" to catch ashes (an abalone shell works great, do not use anything flammable like paper or styrofoam plates!)

    Go to the room that is furthest from the front door. This will be your starting point, and you will work towards the front door. Stand in the center of the room, and light the end of the smudge stick. Hold it over your "plate" so the ashes don't drop on the floor. Very gently blow on the end to get the stick burning enough to produce smoke. Do not blow very hard, because you may blow embers off the end of the smudge stick and burn carpet or furniture, or worse yet, start a fire. When there is steady smoke from the end of the smudge stick, stand still and close your eyes. Focus internally, and imagine a "bubble" of white light inside of you, deep in the center of your body.
    Imagine this bubble expanding in all directions, out past your body. As the bubble expands beyond your body, imagine this white light "pushing" negative energy away ahead of it. Let the bubble grow until it is filling the room, and all the negative energy has been pushed out through the window(s) and door. In your mind, command the white light to stay and fill the room, right up to the window(s) and door, and tell it to stay in this room and protect it. Walk towards the door to this room, and as you do, imagine the white light moving ahead of you, pushing negative energy away. Keep holding the "plate" and smudge stick ahead of you as you go, gently blowing as necessary on the stick to keep smoke going. The smoke, along with the white light, is what does the cleansing.
    As you walk out into the hallway, if there is a room across from you, this would be the next place to go.
    The idea is to try to "sweep" the house from one end to the next. Imagine the light filling the hall and staying there as you go across into the next room. As you enter the nextroom imagine the white light ahead of you, expanding to fill the room and push negative energy towards and out the window(s). Stop the energy at the windows and once again tell the energy to stay in the room and fill it. And yes, energy will flow through windows. If there is no room, continue down the hallway to the first room you come to. Enter this room, surrounded by white light, and allow the white light to expand and fill the room from the doorway to the window(s), again pushing negativity ahead of it and out the window (s). Continue down the hallway to the next room and repeat. Every room behind you should be left filled with white light as you move ahead. Keep repeating until you have come to the front door.
    Once you get to the front door, snuff out the smudge stick by tamping the lit end down into the "plate" until you smother out the embers and it's no longer smoking (like putting out a cigarette).
    Take the ashes and either:
    A) sprinkle a line across the doorway on the porch or B) if there are two potted plants on either side of the doorway, put half the ashes in one and half in the other.
    This will help to further protect the house. The front door is the one most used to enter and exit, so it's always opening. It is therefore more likely to allow ghosts in and needs more protection. If you are working with a two or more story house, start in the uppermost story, furthest away from the stairs. Treat the stairs as though they were the front door to the house. Fill the uppermost level with white light, all the way to the stairs, and fill the stairwell as you go down to the next level.
    You may use the option of saying a prayer of protection before and after you cleanse, but the white light surrounding you will act as a shield between you and negative energy. You are, after all, surrounded by it throughout the whole process, but if you are more comfortable with prayer, it certainly can't hurt.

    Ouija Board Dangers
    It Could Be A Ghost...Or It Could Be A Demon
    A simple piece of wood with letters and numbers printed on it can somehow bridge that gap, or even open a gateway to Hell!

    If you're planning a séance you need to be aware of the Ouija Board dangers and what you can do to protect yourself.

    A Brief History of The Ouija Board
    The Ouija Board really acts more like a magnifying glass than a gateway. The spirits are attracted to the energies of the living human beings in the room. The Board focuses those energies and provides the spirits with a way to communicate. The same thing could be accomplished with a diagram on a piece of paper.
    Some people believe that the Ouija Board itself is haunted or evil or that the Board opens doorways through which spirits or demons may enter. But the Ouija Board really acts more like a magnifying glass than a gateway. The spirits are attracted to the energies of the living human beings in the room. The Board focuses those energies and provides the spirits with a way to communicate. The same thing could be accomplished with a diagram on a piece of paper.
    People were communicating with spirits long before the first Ouija Board was born, using all types of devices to magnify their energy. Candle flames, crystal balls, pendulums - all of these devices helped the medium to focus and concentrate her energies so that spirits could more easily penetrate the veil between the living and the dead and pass on their information.
    Prior to the invention of the first Ouija Board, mediums had been using Table Turning or Table Knocking to help spirits communicate. This tedious process involved counting the number of times a spirit knocked on the table and then associating that number with a letter. As you can imagine, it took a long time for a spirit to complete a thought. Not to mention the fact that the people attending these seances quickly became bored.
    Next, mediums created a writing device that resembled the Planchette which is currently used with the Ouija Board. This small table had a small hole into which a pen could be inserted. The participants placed their hands on the planchette and the spirits could now communicate in writing. However, these spirit writings were most often difficult to read.

    From that idea, then, the Ouija Board was born.
    No one knows for sure the exact date the Ouija Board was first used, nor under what circumstances it was created. In fact, in the beginning it wasn't even called a Ouija Board. The first official reports of this new 'Message Board' appeared in the July 1886 edition of the (Oakland) Carrier Dove. At that time, people all across Ohio were going crazy over this new method of communicating with the spirit world and the word quickly began to spread.
    The original patent for the message board was shows Elijah J. Bond as the inventor and Charles W. Kennard and William H. A. Maupin as the assignees. All three were from Baltimore, Maryland and it was Kennard who actually named the Board.
    Kennard and Maupin were getting their marketing plan together when Kennard realized the Board needed a name. Apparently, the Board had already helped with several other decisions, so Kennard and his sister-in-law decided to ask the Board what it should be called. The new message board spelled out the word O-U-I-J-A (pronounced wE-ja) and when Kennard asked what the word meant, the Board replied 'Good Luck'. It just so happened that Miss Peters, the sister-in-law, was wearing a necklace with a small charm. On the charm was the small figure of a woman and printed at the top was the word 'Ouija'. Kennard asked Miss Peters if she'd been thinking of that word while they were consulting the Board and she replied in the negative. Apparently, the spirit behind the board that day had very good eyesight.
    Eventually, in 1966, the Ouija Board was sold to Parker Brothers. Their marketing slogan is - "It's only a game...isn't it?"
    Over the years there have been many competitors come and go and people even create their own unique board designs. The Ouija Board has been called The Mystic Oracle, a Witchboard, a Talking Board, Mystic Trays and a few other choice names, too. But we'll always know it best as the Ouija.

    Ouija Rules For Safety
    Play nice or suffer the consequences!
    It's never wise to laugh at the Ouija Board or show any signs of disrespect,
    Whether you're using the board as a source of laughter and merriment or you're seriously trying to communicate with spirits, the fact remains...
    'Things' happen when you use a Ouija Board. No matter what your reasons for opening that box, there are certain steps you should take to protect yourself.

    1. Never Laugh At The Ouija Board
    You may or may not believe it's possible to contact spirits. But the fact of the matter is, when something does happen and the planchette starts to move, you really have no idea if it's just one of your friends fooling around, an actual encounter with a spirit, or a demon from Hell coming through to latch on and haunt you for all eternity. For that reason, it's important that you never laugh at or make fun of a Ouija Boad. You never know who you might be offending.

    2. Always Treat Your Ouija Board With Respect
    For the same reasons you should never laugh at your Ouija Board, you should also always treat it with respect. Don't try to argue with the spirits or push them to respond faster. Be polite when you ask questions and if they don't answer the first time, ask it again, politely. If they still don't answer, move on to the next question. But never curse the entity who is communicating with you, never call them names or threaten them. Remember, they're coming through to you from the other side - you can't touch them, but they can touch you!
    Always remember to thank the spirits for taking the time and making the effort to communicate with you. Because, for them, it is an effort and they don't have to come through if they don't want to. They're doing you a favor each time they answer a question, so remember to thank them for it every single time.

    3. Be Of Sound Mind And Body
    People with emotional, spiritual or psychiatric problems should never use a Ouija Board. Should an evil or malicious entity appear they may not have the mental strength to ward of attack. Spirits recognize these people as easy targets.
    You should also never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when using the Ouija Board. This even includes marijuana and nicotine. Persons with diminished mental capacity, for whatever reason, are more easily possessed and terrorized, even if it is only by their own imaginations.

    4. Make Sure Everyone In The House Consents
    Spirits and demons who come through via the Ouija Board can't tell the difference between the people who are actively using the board and those who are just present in the house. Make sure everyone in the house, even if they're not in the same room, knows you're using the Ouija Board and understands the potential for danger. And never force anyone to stay on the premises if they don't want to be there.

    5. Never Use The Ouija Board Alone
    Never, never, EVER use a Ouija Board unless there's someone else in the room with you. At the very least you'll want a witness to the events that occur. More important, you may come under some type of spiritual or even physical attack during the course of your spiritual communication. Even if everything that does happen is only because of your own over-active imagination, it's best to have someone who can help calm your nerves.

    Protecting Yourself While Using The Ouija Board
    It's important to understand that you really have no control over who or what decides to communicate with you through your Ouija Board. You can ask all the identifying questions you want but an evil entity can easily trick you into believing you're speaking with the ghost of your great-grandmother if he wants to.
    Many people think that because the spirit in the Board helped them find something they'd lost or helped them solve a difficult problem, then that 'spirit' must a GOOD spirit. And that's simply not the case. Most evil spirits and demonic entities understand that they best way to get to you is to first become your friend. They'll help you with little tasks and answer questions until they've gained your trust. And once you let them all the way in, then they reveal themselves for who, or what they really are.
    It's important, then, to learn to protect yourself before you start using a Ouija Board. And always be on your guard!
  • Candles and Incense
    Place a ring of white candles (some say that blue candles will work, too) around the table. Set the candles back far enough so that everyone sitting around the table is inside the circle of candle light. Be sure to place the candles on a fireproof surface and keep them away from draperies and other flammable items.
    Burn Frankincense and Myrrh to promote purification, consecration, healing, exorcism and banishing evil.
  • Use Visualization
    Visualize yourself and the members of your group being surrounded by an impenetrable, protective wall of pure, white light. Concentrate on this image before you start and make sure you have it firmly in your mind. Visualize this white light being strong enough to prevent demons and other troublesome spirits from getting through to harm you.
  • Prayers and Chanting
    Some people choose to say a prayer or chant or spend a few moments in quiet meditation before they place their hands on the Ouija Board. Any prayer that makes you feel safe and protected, according to your own religious beliefs, will be fine.
    However, if you don't have your own prayer, this one may be helpful: "I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Any spirits who come through who are NOT for my highest good are to be absorbed into the white light of protection, harming none."
  • Medallions, Crystals and Religious Icons
    Feeling that you're protected, both physically and spiritually, is important. The more confident you feel, the more confident you'll appear to the spirits who enter through the Board. If you have special religious icons or medallions, place them around the room or in a pocket if they're small enough. Crystals, lucky pieces, charms and amulets are fine, too. Anything that makes you feel spiritually stronger is a welcome addition.
  • Always Close Your Ouija Board
    Never leave the planchette lying on the Ouija Board and then just walk away and never lift the planchette from the Board until you're done. It's important to make sure you properly close the Board when you're finished so you don't leave an open portal, through which anything might enter!
    To properly close your Ouija Board, tell any spirits who may be listening that you're grateful for their time and the energy it took for them to respond to your questions. Then, tell them you're leaving and ask the spirits to move the Planchette to the Goodbye position as an indication that they understand you're done for the evening. If nothing happens, ask them again, politely.
    If still nothing happens, sternly tell the spirits 'Goodby!' and then tell them to 'Leave!' If you still feel their presence, lift the planchette from the board and slam it down on the table or pass it through the flame of a candle.

    Ouija Board Dangers
    What Really Happens When You Use A Ouija Board?
    You Have No Control Over Who Or What Comes Through

    Most people are under the mistaken impression that only invited spirits can come through and communicate but that's not true at all. You have no control over who or what comes through. That's why it's so important that you protect yourself. Most of the entities who do communicate through the Ouija Board are malicious entities, trapped and unable to move on. They're angry and jealous and vindictive.
    Often, a group of people will settle down to an evening of 'play' with the Ouija Board. These individuals firmly believe the board is just another parlor game and they're surprised when they find it cursing at them, calling them names and spewing hateful, vile, disgusting remarks. Surely no one in their group is actually harboring these thoughts! And they're right. These types of communications indicate that a malicious spirit has come through the Board.
    Asking to speak to your dearly departed Aunt Ruth is a grave mistake. For whatever reason, she may not be able to come through. Maybe she's not strong enough or maybe she's otherwise occupied. In any event, asking to speak to a specific spirit just gives that much more information to evil entities that might be lurking around. And they ARE lurking around! Now they know you're looking for 'Aunt Ruth' and it's easy enough for them to pretend to be her. They also know you're susceptible to the suggestion that you're speaking with 'Aunt Ruth' and you're willing to believe most anything they tell you.
    These malicious entities will play on your weaknesses to gain your cooperation. For example, if you're a vain person, they may beg you for some type of help, stating that YOU are the only person who could possible help them. Be careful when speaking with ANY spirit who contacts you. Don't reveal any personal information about yourself and don't let down your guard.
    The fear, of course, is that once these entities have gained your trust and cooperation it's just one more small step before they can begin to take over your thoughts and complete possession isn't far behind.
    First, the victim begins to spend an excessive amount of time with the Ouija Board and it eventually becomes their main focus. They become argumentative and moody and they begin to develop a negative attitude about everything. They may spend a lot of time sleeping, stop eating and start to complain about feeling chilled. These are signs that a demonic possession is taking place.
    Generally, the victim doesn't even realize he's on the brink of full possession. People who come near him though will start to experience discomfort and maybe even feel the beginnings of possessions themselves - the chills, the moodiness, etc. When this happens, they tend to stay away from the possessed person, causing him even more isolated and making it even easier for the demon to break down the last of his defenses and claim total possession.
    Sound implausible? Not really. Even if no spirit contact occurs when using a Ouija Board, even if it is all just pure imagination, it's easy to see how someone might with mental health issues or even just a vivid imagination might convince themselves they've made contact From there, it's also easy to see how one could quickly spiral downward into the belief that they've been possessed by a demon.
    So, you see, the simple act of 'playing' with a Ouija Board can have dire effects, even if you believe it's just a parlor game.
    Spirits or demons don't always come through to communicate every time someone uses a Ouija Board. In fact, in most cases, the users just end up spooking themselves. It takes a certain amount of concentration, focus and belief to be able to communicate with these entities and not everyone has that capability and not every setting is welcoming.
    However, in more cases than can possibly be counted, 'things' have happened which make it abundantly clear that the Ouija Board is NOT a toy and it's use should not be taken lightly. Here, then, is one of the most famous cases where the use of a Ouija Board ended in tragedy.

    Real Ouija Board Tragedy
    It All Started With a Ouija Board

    The year was 1941 and 13-year old Robbie and his parents lived in Cotton City, Maryland, on a nice, quiet, tree-lined street. Robbie's aunt, a medium of sorts, visited frequently, often spending days or weeks at a time, and she taught the young boy how to use the Ouija Board. Robbie frequently played with the board and was often alone with it for long periods of time. However, nothing strange happened until after his aunt passed away. It was then, without her protection, that a demon was able to enter Robbie's body and take possession.
    At first, it was just little things - scratching noises in the walls, a chair that moved a few inches when no one was there to help it. But the strange occurrences grew more frequent - and much more alarming.
    Robbie became withrawn and he began to use foul and disgusting language. Tables were being overturned, chairs thrown against the wall and Robbies bed would shake and levitate at night. Yet no one could determine the cause of these disturbances.

    The family contacted their pastor and he, suspecting Poltergeist activity, had Robbie come and spend a few days under observation at the mental health clinic at the University of Maryland. A full round of tests were run twice but again, nothing was found.
    Robbie was then taken to see a Catholic Priest, Father Hughes, in Mount Rainier and, during an attempt at exorcism, the bed began to shake and Robbie began to swear at the priest, spitting and projectile vomiting all through the ritual. The interview ended when Robbie managed to remove a spring from the bed and use it so slash the priest's arm from shoulder to wrist. It took more than 100 stitches to close the wound.
    Not long after that episode, Robbie's parents noticed that the word 'Louis' had been scratched into the skin over his stomach. His mother asked if that meant 'St. Louis' and the word 'YES' mysteriously appeared. The family immediately headed for St Louis. There, they were introduced to 2 priests who would finally be able to help, Father Bishop and Father Bowdern of St. Francis Xavier Church.
    It was now March 1949. Robbie had been suffering at the hands of a demon all this time and no one had been able to help. The 2 priests witnessed chairs scooting across the floor, a large bookcase was turned completely around and strange scratchings appeared on Bobbie's skin. They took their findings to the Bishop who immediately authorized an exorcism.
    During the exorcism, which lasted more than 3 weeks, Robbie howled and growled, he spit and cursed at the priests, he vomited and screamed the most violent profanities. And then, on Easter Monday, things finally came to a climax.
    The spirit of Michael the Archangel appeared in Robbie and ordered the demon to depart - Now! Now! NOW! On the third 'NOW' a shot, like a gunshot, was heard throughout the hospital where Robbie was being kept and the demon had left Robbie's body. When Robbie awoke, he remembered nothing about the entire ordeal.
    Of course, those of you who recognize this true story also realize that it's the story upon which the movie 'The Exorcist' was based. Written by William Peter Blatty, the movie was one of the most controversial movies ever released.
    Was it true demonic possession or was it simply a case of a young, impressionable boy being influenced by the teachings of his aunt? We'll never know for sure but it's reasonable to assume it was truly demonic possession. The Catholic Church does not grant permission for exorcisms to be conducted without strong evidence to indicate the presence of demons. No matter how emotionally or mentally troubled a person may be, if there's not firm evidence of demons, no permission is granted. It's just too risky, both for the church and the supposed victim.

    Ouija Superstitions and Rumors

    ~ If the planchette goes to all 4 corners of the Ouija Board it means you've contacted an evil spirit.
    ~ Never use the Ouija Board alone!
    ~ The first Ouija Boards were made from the wood of coffins and a coffin nail was the pointer in the center of the planchette.
    ~ Never use the Ouija Board when you're sick or weak as this makes you vulnerable to possession.
    ~ Place a pure silver coin and the board to prevent evil spirits from coming through.
    ~ Never ask the Ouija Board about God.
    ~ Never ask the Ouija Board when you're going to die.
    ~ Never, EVER ask where the gold is buried!
    ~ Never use the Ouija Board in a cemetery or a place where a violent death has occurred. You'll attract nothing but evil entities.
    ~ Never let the spirits count down through the numbers and never let them go through the alphabet. This is how they gain control.

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