Scariest Tree & Jesus on the Tree Stump

An image of the face of Jesus Christ has appeared on a tree stump in a Belfast cemetery. The tree, which was recently felled at Belfast City Cemetery in west Belfast, appears to show the face of a bearded man resembling Jesus on the remaining stump beside a grave. A video (below) of the mysterious image has been posted to YouTube, with the message: "An image has appeared on a tree stump in Belfast's City Cemetery. "Upon close inspection, its hard to tell just how this image got there. "Recently City Council employees trimmed trees in the cemetery, and as a result this phenomenon appeared." Source - Here

The spooky looking beech tree can be found in the grounds of a nursing home in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. Many think the 70ft monstrosity is reminiscent of the Whomping Willow which lies in the grounds of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School. But David Garnham, who spotted the unsightly work of nature, thinks it looks more like Edvard Munch’s Scream painting. He told the Mail Online: ‘It really does show nature’s true beauty and also says a lot about what the imagination can conjure up. ‘It’s a bit like an enchanted forest… I can’t imagine too many people wanting to go climbing up that tree. ‘I’ve called the photo ‘Nture’s Scream’ because I think it does have an uncanny resemblance to Edvard Munch’s classic work.’ Stowlangtoft Hall was originally built for the Maitland Wilson family before it became a nursing home in 1969. Source - Here