While ghosts or the supernatural encounters are from within this earth itself though existing in a different parallel dimention and dwell all around us,aliens or extraterrestials on the other hand are those who come from other planets/solar system/galaxies to visit or observe us and even help us.They may or may not be ethereal and may have a physical body unlike spirits.
This is a subjects not many are willing to believe however I’d like to share couple of books and videos that convinces me that these are for real.While there are many hoaxes out there the ones below have been carefully picked ie Both the videos & books chosen and posted here are free and reliable 100% ( Watch this space for more! )
Watch the Video of Canada’s Ex-Defence Minister admitting about aliens and their help to USA Army in technology advancement.Watch the Video about UK Govt releasing UFO Files in Larry King Live Programe.
Governments of the world will have no choice but to admit their existence.Another Larry King Live UFO Programe.
Watch the Video on History Channel about Alien Attack on Earth 5k+ yrs ago.Watch the Video of Alien Contactee Michel Desmarquet describing his experience of being abducted to the 9th Planet.
Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Real Alien Autopsy
CNN reports on a ghost caught on camera at ohio gas stationThe Famous Haunted Bhangarh Fort
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by contactee Michel Desmarquet
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on Ancient Airships
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by Nicola Tesla
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